Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis – Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

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Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis – Spellbound-Storytelling For Action


Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis - Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

In today’s market, the ability to weave a compelling narrative is not just an art but an essential business strategy. Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis’s course, Spellbound-Storytelling For Action, offers a rich curriculum designed to turn any marketer, entrepreneur, or writer into a master storyteller with the power to captivate audiences and drive action.

Product Description:

Module 1: Story-caption 101

Dive into the essence of Spellbound with an introduction to the fundamental building blocks of a story. Learn to harness the magnetic pull of a well-crafted narrative to skyrocket your conversion rates across advertising channels. This module isn’t just an overview; it’s a hands-on toolkit to start adding narrative magic to your marketing efforts.

Module 2: The E.P.I.C Storytelling Framework

The transition from storytelling basics to mastering the EPIC structure—a four-step sequence guaranteed to craft emotionally charged stories. These tales are designed to speak directly to the limbic brain, the centre of decision-making, nudging your readers from passive observers to active participants.

Module 3: The Conversion-Boosting-Triggers™ of the Limbic Brain

Worried your stories won’t resonate? This module is your lifeline. Unlock the psychological hooks that not only enhance the calibre of your narratives but also tap into the core of human psychology to boost engagement and drive conversions.

Module 4: The 7 Deadly Sins of Storytelling

Avoid the pitfalls that trap even experienced storytellers. By understanding what not to do, you can navigate away from common blunders and towards storytelling mastery, creating narratives that compel your audience to take the desired action.

Module 5: Storytelling Without Words

Explore the often-overlooked realm of non-verbal storytelling. From musical scores to visual cuts and timing elements, learn to augment your written words with powerful silent storytelling tools that add depth and emotion to your marketing campaigns.

Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Good Stories & Bad Stories

Dissect both successful and disastrous narratives to understand the anatomy of impactful storytelling. This analytical approach equips you with the discernment to amplify the emotional pull of your own stories, turning them into conversion machines.

Bonus #2: Six-Word Storytelling

Embrace the challenge of brevity with the six-word storytelling technique. This lesson teaches you how to convey complex ideas in the most concise way possible—a skill that promises to keep your audience engaged and intrigued.

Bonus #3: Story-Hunting

Identify the diamonds in the rough with the art of story-hunting. Learn to sift through the mundane to find the stories worth telling and distinguish which narratives will captivate and which will fall flat.

Spellbound Storytelling For Action is more than a course—it’s a transformative experience that melds the ancient craft of storytelling with modern marketing needs. Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis have curated a program that ensures your message isn’t just heard—it resonates, persuades, and leads to undeniable action. 

Whether crafting an email sequence, social media campaign, or a branding narrative, Spellbound equips you with the narrative prowess to leave your audience utterly captivated and ready to act.