Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy


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Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy


Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy

Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy: The Ultimate Blueprint to Mastering Amazon Advertising

Stepping into the vast realm of Amazon advertising can feel overwhelming. With the myriad of products to promote, ever-evolving ad strategies to keep up with, and complex tools to navigate, where do you begin? This is where the Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy emerges as your guiding star.


The Amazon Advertising Academy is meticulously designed by Incrementum Digital, shedding light on the intricacies of Amazon’s vast advertising landscape. Spread over 13 intensive modules, the course promises to transform novices into proficient Amazon advertisers. Let’s dive deep into what awaits you.


Course Modules:

  • A Warm Welcome to Amazon Advertising: Grasp the fundamentals and understand the broad scope of opportunities Amazon advertising offers.
  • Dive into Sponsored Products: Uncover the potential of sponsored products, a potent tool for product visibility and sales conversion.
  • Master Keyword and Competitor Product Research: With the aid of a macro-enabled template, delve into researching high-performing keywords and understand competitor product landscapes.
  • Establishing a Strong Foundation: Learn the art of setting up foundational campaigns for sponsored products that serve as a robust base for future optimizations.
  • The Bid Optimization Revolution: Elevate your advertising game by mastering strategies to optimize your ad bids.
  • Deciphering Sponsored Products Reports: Gain insights into performance metrics, ensuring informed decision-making.
  • Harnessing Bulksheets: Streamline your campaign management processes by leveraging the power of bulksheets.
  • Strategizing for Products with Ad History: Understand tailored strategies for products that have prior advertising footprints.
  • Product Launches – PPC Ranking Strategy: Ensure your new products get the visibility they deserve with proven PPC ranking techniques.
  • Exploring Sponsored Brands Ads: Venture beyond products and learn how to brand yourself on Amazon effectively.
  • Unleashing Sponsored Display Ads: Familiarize yourself with display ad potentials and techniques to capture your target audience.
  • Bonus Reports and Advanced Tactics: Get access to bonus content, including the PTD Product Tracking Dashboard, SUPA Search Query Performance Analyzer, and a detailed walkthrough of Pivot Table tricks.
  • Introduction to DSP and Google Sheets Magic: Dive into the world of Demand Side Platforms and harness the might of Google Sheets functions tailor-made for Amazon marketers.


The Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy stands out as a beacon for all aspiring Amazon advertisers. Whether you’re a brand trying to carve a niche on Amazon, an entrepreneur hoping to skyrocket your product sales or simply a curious learner, this course has got you covered.

Embrace a journey that promises not only knowledge but empowerment. Take charge of your Amazon advertising endeavours, and watch as your products climb to the top of Amazon’s search results, one ad at a time. Enroll today and revolutionize your Amazon journey!