Paige Brunton – Scale with Content Strategy

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Paige Brunton – Scale with Content Strategy


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Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your business with Scale with Content Strategy 2.0 by Paige Brunton. This meticulously crafted course empowers entrepreneurs with the insights and methodologies required to harness the power of content, driving growth and scalability. 

With Brunton’s expert guidance, participants will navigate through a comprehensive curriculum, from foundational content principles to advanced SEO and email marketing strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to content-driven business expansion.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Content Foundations

Dive into the essence of content’s role in business, laying a robust foundation with essential knowledge that underpins the entire course. This module ensures a solid grasp of content basics, setting the stage for more advanced exploration.

Module 2: Content Prep

Explore the preparatory steps crucial for effective content creation. This module arms you with strategies and tools for meticulous planning, ensuring a seamless transition into the content creation phase.

Module 3: Content Creation

Focus on crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience. Gain practical insights into producing high-quality content that engages, informs, and converts, enhancing your brand’s value proposition.

Module 4: SEO for Content Creation

Unlock the potential of SEO to amplify your content’s reach. Learn to optimize your content for search engines, improving visibility and driving organic traffic to your platform.

Module 5: Email Prep

Prepare for the dynamic world of email marketing. This module guides you through strategizing and planning impactful email campaigns that foster engagement and nurture your subscriber base.

Module 6: Email Creation

Delve into the art of crafting effective email campaigns. Discover the keys to creating compelling emails that captivate your audience, encourage loyalty and drive conversions.

Module 7: Hacks to Get Yourself to Start

Overcome procrastination and jumpstart your content strategy implementation: access practical tips and motivational strategies to initiate action and maintain momentum in your content journey.

Bonus Module: Guest Expert Interviews

Benefit from the wisdom of industry leaders Holly Becker and Kaitlyn Parker. These interviews provide invaluable insights from successful entrepreneurs who’ve leveraged content to scale their businesses.

Course Features:

Email Welcome Sequence Template: Streamline your email marketing with a customizable template to enhance subscriber engagement from the first interaction.

Group Coaching Audit Calls: Participate in audit calls for collective learning and insights, allowing for a shared growth experience.

Q+A Calls: Engage directly with Paige Brunton in Q+A sessions, offering personalized advice and clarifications tailored to your content strategy queries.


Scale with Content Strategy 2.0 by Paige Brunton is an essential investment for entrepreneurs committed to scaling their business through strategic content creation. With this course, you’re not just learning to create content but mastering the art of using content as a pivotal tool for business growth and scalability. 

Enrol now and transform your approach to content, setting your business on a path to unprecedented success.