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ProfitX Trading – Zero to Funded

ProfitX Trading – Zero to Funded


Unlock the path to becoming a professional trader and securing funded capital with ProfitX Trading’s Zero to Funded course. With expert guidance, you’ll transition from a novice trader to a pro, ready to take on the financial markets and build a six-figure personal account.

Course Highlights:

1. Comprehensive Learning:

Access over 40 hours of in-depth instruction through 60 meticulously crafted videos valued at $7500. These videos cover every aspect of the trading journey, ensuring you are well-equipped to succeed.

2. Core Trading Principles:

Begin with a strong foundation in trading principles that will serve as the bedrock of your trading career.

3. Pro Analysis (Technical and Fundamental):

Master the art of both technical and fundamental analysis to make well-informed trading decisions.

4. Pro Psychology (Training on Random Outcome and Probability):

Develop the mental fortitude required to navigate the unpredictable nature of financial markets.

5. Pro Risk Management (Dynamic Risk Based on Equity and Grades):

Learn how to manage risk dynamically, adapting to your equity and market conditions. Understand the importance of risk grading.

6. Building/Expanding a Pro Playbook (With Data):

Create and expand your playbook with real data, enhancing your trading strategies.

7. Pro Performance (Training in Executing Your Playbook):

Execute your playbook with precision and confidence, optimizing your performance.

8. Proven Trading System and Edge to Personalize:

Leverage a proven trading system and edge as a starting point, and personalize it to suit your unique style and goals.

9. Pro Trading Habits:

Cultivate the habits and discipline of a professional trader for consistent success.

10. Pro Film Review (How to Record and Review Film):

Master the art of recording and reviewing your trading sessions, a crucial component of improvement.

11. Refining a System’s Win Rate and R:R:

Enhance your system’s win rate and risk-to-reward ratio for better profitability.

12. Beating the Psychology of the Prop-Firm Challenge:

Overcome the psychological challenges unique to prop-firm trading and emerge victorious.

With the Zero to Funded course, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to secure a $100,000 account with a major prop firm. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to elevate your trading game, this course is your key to consistent profits and a brighter trading future. 

Join ProfitX Trading’s ‘Zero to Funded’ and take the first step towards financial success in the world of trading.