Aaron Fletcher – Sales Script 2.0

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Aaron Fletcher – Sales Script 2.0


Aaron Fletcher - Sales Script 2.0


Welcome to Sales Script 2.0 by Aaron Fletcher, a revolutionary course designed to transform the way you approach sales. This comprehensive program is tailored to empower sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to excel in client enrollments without the pressure and discomfort often associated with traditional sales tactics.

Course Curriculum:

Introduction: Dive into the world of stress-free selling. Understand the philosophy and objectives of the course, setting the stage for a transformative learning experience.

Before The Call Recon: Preparation is key. Learn how to gather essential information before each call, ensuring you’re fully equipped to address your client’s needs effectively.

Pre-Call Mindset: Cultivate a winning mindset. This module focuses on mental preparation, ensuring you approach each call with confidence and a positive attitude.

Script Introduction: Discover the core of the course – the innovative sales script. This module breaks down the script’s structure and teaches you how to use it effectively.

The Frame Phase: Establishing the right frame for your conversation is crucial. Learn how to set a positive tone from the outset, creating a conducive environment for a successful sales call.

The Discover Phase: Delve into the art of discovery. This phase teaches you how to uncover the client’s needs, desires, and pain points, forming the basis for a tailored sales approach.

The Problems Phase: Every client has unique challenges. Learn how to identify and empathize with these challenges, positioning yourself as a solution provider.

The Prescription Phase: Offering solutions is an art. This module guides you on how to present your products or services as the perfect remedy to the client’s problems.

The Application Phase: Put theory into practice. Learn how to apply the sales script in real-life scenarios, refining your approach through practical application.

The Invitation Phase: Transitioning to the sales proposition is a critical step. This module teaches you how to smoothly invite clients to consider your offering without feeling pressured.

The Objection Crusher: Overcoming objections is a key sales skill. This innovative framework equips you with the tools to handle and address client objections effectively.

Conclusion: Wrap up your sales calls with professionalism. Learn how to conclude conversations in a way that leaves a lasting positive impression and sets the stage for future interactions.

Your Instructor: Aaron Fletcher

Aaron Fletcher, with over 15 years of experience in high-traffic Silicon Valley brands, is your guide through this course. His expertise in online marketing and advertising is distilled into this program, offering you the best strategies to succeed in sales.

Course Highlights:

  • Zero Pressure Enrollment Template: A unique approach to sales that eliminates the stress and high-pressure tactics of traditional methods.
  • 12 Module Masterclass: Comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the sales process, from preparation to conclusion.
  • Objection Crusher Framework: A powerful tool for handling the most common sales objections.
  • 9 Question Client Interview System: A systematic approach to understanding client needs and tailoring your sales pitch accordingly.

Transform Your Sales Strategy:

Enrolling in Sales Script 2.0 means embarking on a journey to redefine your sales strategy. You’ll learn not just to sell but to connect, empathize, and offer solutions that genuinely meet your clients’ needs. This course represents over 24 years of sales experience, distilled into an easy-to-follow, effective program. Join Sales Script 2.0 and start your journey towards mastering the art of zero-pressure selling today.