Advanced Direct Response Editor Training

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Advanced Direct Response Editor Training



Elevate Your Video Editing Skills with Advanced Direct Response Editor Training

Dive into high-converting video ads with the Advanced Direct Response Editor Training course. Led by industry expert Jon Reyes, this comprehensive program is designed to transform video editors and marketers into masters of Direct Response Marketing. With over a decade of experience in the field, Jon Reyes brings invaluable insights and techniques to this specialized course.

Course Overview

This course provides an extensive journey into the art and science of direct-response video editing. Whether you are a seasoned video editor or a marketer aiming to create impactful video ads, this training equips you with the skills needed to excel in today’s competitive market.

Course Features

Module 1: Course Overview: Get acquainted with Jon Reyes and receive a detailed course overview.

Module 2: Direct Response 101: Learn the fundamentals of Direct Response Marketing and its significance in driving ROI.

Module 3: Pre-Requisites to Video Editing: Understand the basics needed to start your video editing journey, including roles and responsibilities.

Module 4: Mastering Mental & Creative States: Develop the mental states necessary for optimal performance and creativity in video editing.

Module 5: Product & Customer Research: Dive deep into product benefits, features, and customer research for targeted and effective video ads.

Module 6: Performance Ad Creative: Uncover the secrets behind successful performance ads, from ad frameworks to types of hooks and video ad types.

Module 7: Asset Management: Learn efficient ways to organize and manage digital assets for streamlined video editing.

Module 8: Editing Video Ads That Sell: Follow an 11-step process for editing video ads that drive sales, including tips on titles, effects, voice-overs, and more.

Course Highlights

Direct Response vs. Branded Advertising: Understand the critical differences between these two approaches.

Developing Flow State and Inspiration: Learn how to tap into your creative potential for exceptional video editing.

Effective Video Ad Frameworks: Explore various frameworks to structure your video ads for maximum impact.

Advanced Editing Techniques: Master advanced techniques like modular clips, timeline assembly, and editing for voice-overs and hook variations.


  • Live Training Sessions: Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in Direct Response video editing through live training sessions.
  • Scripts, Guides, and Cheat Sheets: Receive Jon Reyes’ creative agency’s ready-to-use video ad script templates and other valuable resources.

Start Your Path to Direct Response Mastery

Join the ranks of successful video editors and marketers who have leveraged the Advanced Direct Response Editor Training. Start your journey towards creating high-converting video ads, gain comprehensive insights into Direct Response Marketing, and elevate your video editing skills today!