Alex Micol – Scalers Method


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Alex Micol – Scalers Method



Embark on a transformative journey into the world of affiliate marketing with Alex Micol’s Scalers Method course. This unique training program is designed to unlock the keys to massive profits, mirroring the approach that skyrocketed Alex’s company, Scalers, to annual revenues of over $20 million.

Course Overview

Scalers Method is more than a course; it’s a comprehensive toolkit tailored to affiliate marketing success. Alex Micol, a proven industry expert, shares his insider knowledge, guiding you through each phase of the course with practical, result-driven strategies.

Course Breakdown

Phase 1: Introduction to the Scalers Method

  • Overview: Setting the stage for the course journey.
  • Preparation: Establishing clear expectations and ground rules for success.

Phase 2: Optimizing Mindset, Sleep, and Environment

  • Focus: Aligning every aspect of your life towards achieving your goals.
  • Benefit: Creating a conducive environment for success.

Phase 3: Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

  • Scope: Comprehensive coverage from basic principles to advanced marketing secrets.
  • Audience: Suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.

Phase 4: Finding Winning Products

  • System: Alex’s proven system for product selection.
  • Tool: Utilizing an internal checklist for identifying successful products.

Phase 5: Setting up Facebook Business Manager

  • Guide: Step-by-step instructions on launching ad campaigns.
  • Application: From creating an ad account to crafting your first ad.

Phase 6: Crafting High-Converting Facebook Ads

  • Technique: Creating compelling ads using simple tools like an iPhone.
  • Inspiration: Learning from various successful ad examples.

Phase 7: Testing and Analyzing Campaigns

  • Experimentation: Launching your first low-budget campaign.
  • Analysis: Learning how to evaluate and refine your marketing approach.

Phase 8: Scaling Your Campaigns

  • Growth: Strategies to scale your campaigns for higher daily revenue.
  • Focus: Maintaining ROI while expanding reach and impact.

Additional Resources 

  • Winning Offer Checklist: Identify highly profitable offers.
  • Media Buying Secrets: Master the art of creating and scaling successful campaigns.
  • Financial Setup Masterclass: Exclusive insights into navigating taxation complexities.
  • Research Tools: Advanced tools to analyze market trends and competitor strategies.
  • Anti-Ban Checklist: Strategies for a ban-proof Facebook ad campaign.


The Scalers Method course by Alex Micol is a gateway to mastering affiliate marketing and achieving substantial financial growth. Tailored for those ready to elevate their marketing strategies, this course delivers expert knowledge, practical tools, and proven strategies for success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

Enroll in Alex Micol’s Scalers Method course today and begin your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. This course is your pathway to learning from a top industry expert and gaining the skills to excel in affiliate marketing. Step into a world of opportunities and transform your marketing strategies for massive profits.