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Alex Myatt – Copy Career Accelerator


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Embark on a transformative journey into copywriting with Alex Myatt – Copy Career Accelerator, a comprehensive course designed to catapult your copywriting career to new heights. This ultimate resource is meticulously crafted to provide aspiring and seasoned copywriters with the tools, knowledge, and insider secrets needed to thrive in the competitive world of copywriting. 

This course covers everything from landing clients and building networks to mastering research and the art of persuasive writing.

Masterclass Trilogy on Getting Clients

Dive deep into the art of attracting clients and cutting through competition with a trilogy of masterclasses. Learn why cold emails often fail and discover strategies that quickly secure freelance clients. Understand the power of building a solid network that renders job applications unnecessary and master crafting CVs, resumes, and pitches with a staggering success rate.

Six-Figure Copywriter Research Footage

Gain exclusive access to real-life research sessions by a six-figure copywriter, unveiling the detailed processes behind crafting compelling copy. Understand the pivotal role of research in elevating the value of your projects and how to harness this skill to produce killer copy every time.

Essential Copywriting Cheat Sheets

Solidify your copywriting foundation with essential cheat sheets tailored for beginners. Grasp core lessons on emotional decision-making and stages of awareness, and personalize every line of copy to resonate deeply with readers using the RIAA framework.

Summarized Notes from Top Copywriting Books

Save countless hours with summarized notes from essential copywriting literature. Shortcut your way to critical lessons and strategies distilled from the Copywriting Bible, among other pivotal reads, enriching your writing projects with actionable insights.

Exclusive Secrets of Copywriting Script

Unlock the entire script of the Secrets of Copywriting video as a quick reference guide. This tool allows for efficient note-taking and application of the comprehensive insights shared in the acclaimed 5-hour video.

Access to Private Q&A Streams

Navigate common copywriting challenges with access to nine private Q&A streams from Copy That! Benefit from over 10 hours of expert discussions on client interactions, research methodologies, and tips for beginners with no prior experience.

Course Conclusion: A Launchpad for Success

Alex Myatt – Copy Career Accelerator is a beacon for those determined to succeed in copywriting. This all-encompassing course provides everything from securing clients and conducting in-depth research to foundational lessons and beyond. With Alex Myatt’s expert guidance, participants will confidently navigate the intricacies of copywriting, armed with a wealth of resources, insider knowledge, and a supportive community. 

Embark on this journey to transform your passion for writing into a lucrative career, leveraging the secrets and strategies of the pros. 

Embrace the opportunity to accelerate your copy career and become a master of the written word with Alex Myatt’s guiding light.