Ben Robinson – The Bookkeeper Launch


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Ben Robinson – The Bookkeeper Launch


Ben Robinson – The Bookkeeper Launch


The Bookkeeper Launch by Ben Robinson is an all-encompassing training program tailored for individuals aspiring to start and grow a virtual bookkeeping business. Ben Robinson, a seasoned CPA and a successful entrepreneur established his own bookkeeping business in 2001. His extensive experience has since been channelled into helping thousands of students launch and manage their bookkeeping enterprises.

This program comprises six meticulously crafted modules, each encompassing a critical aspect of setting up and growing a bookkeeping business. It combines video lessons, live coaching calls, and an engaging community of fellow bookkeepers, offering support and advice throughout the learning process.

The first module, Getting Started, lays the foundation. It covers the essentials of starting a bookkeeping business – from choosing a business name to setting up a website and devising a marketing plan. Robinson emphasizes the importance of branding and creating a professional image, which is vital for attracting high-quality clients.

In the second module, Bookkeeping Essentials, the focus shifts to the core of bookkeeping. This includes understanding financial statements, account reconciliation, and the basics of debits and credits. A significant portion of this module is dedicated to training in QuickBooks, encouraging students to become certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, an essential skill set for modern bookkeepers.

The third module, Getting Clients, is all about client acquisition strategies. Robinson teaches students how to utilize online job boards, networking, and referral programs effectively. This module also covers the nuances of pricing services and creating compelling proposals to attract potential clients.
The fourth module, Managing Clients, concentrates on client relationship management, including setting expectations, effective communication, and strategies for handling challenging client interactions. Robinson highlights the importance of trust and exceptional service in retaining clients.

In the fifth module, Expanding Your Services, students are guided on how to broaden their bookkeeping services. This includes offering additional services like payroll or tax preparation and strategies for scaling the business by hiring a team of bookkeepers.

The final module, Growing Your Business, delves into advanced strategies for business expansion. Topics covered include creating a sales funnel, leveraging webinars, and effective use of Facebook advertising to increase business reach.

Throughout the course, Robinson provides a wealth of practical resources, including templates, checklists, and hands-on tools to help implement the strategies learned. The live coaching calls are invaluable, offering students a chance to ask questions and receive feedback from Robinson and other experienced bookkeepers.

The program has received rave reviews from students, praising Robinson’s clear and concise teaching style and his commitment to offering support and guidance.

Besides the Bookkeeper Launch program, Robinson provides additional resources for aspiring bookkeepers, including free webinars, a podcast, a blog, and his book Accounting for Small Business Owners, a guide to managing small business finances.

Overall, The Bookkeeper Launch is an exceptional program for anyone looking to enter or excel in the bookkeeping business. It brings together comprehensive training, a supportive community, and practical resources, equipping you with everything you need for success in this rewarding field. Enrolling in this course sets you on a path to building a thriving bookkeeping business guided by an expert in the industry.