BowTiedSystems LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course

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BowTiedSystems LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course





Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with the comprehensive BowTiedSystems LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course. This meticulously designed course is your ultimate guide to mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ensuring you utilize this powerful tool to its fullest for your sales and networking objectives.

Course Overview

The BowTiedSystems LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course is meticulously structured to offer in-depth knowledge and practical skills in navigating and maximizing the potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The course is divided into detailed lessons and workflows, each focusing on different aspects of the platform, from basic navigation to advanced techniques for lead generation and targeting.

Course Modules

Lesson Breakdown

  • Lesson 1: The Front Page and Its Usage
    • Learn how to navigate and effectively use the front page of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Lesson 2: Sales Preferences and Alerts
    • Understand how to set up sales preferences and alerts to streamline your sales process.
  • Lesson 3: Accounts Page Bio + Account Map
    • Master the accounts page bio and learn to create an efficient account map.
  • Lesson 4: Account Growth Insights + Account Alerts
    • Gain insights into account growth and how to set up account alerts.
  • Lesson 5: Lead Page, AKA the Modern Resume
    • Discover how to use the lead page as a modern resume for targeted prospecting.
  • Lesson 6: Building an Account Filter Search
    • Learn to build a custom account filter search for efficient prospecting.
  • Lesson 7: Account + Lead Lists
    • Understand how to create and manage account and lead lists.
  • Lesson 8: Utilizing the Lead Filter Search
    • Get skilled in using the lead filter search for refined results.
  • Lesson 9: Building Saved Searches: How and Why
    • Explore the importance and methodology of building saved searches for quick access.

Workflow Modules

  • Lesson 10: Targeting SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses)
  • Lesson 11: Targeting Enterprise Clients
  • Lesson 12: Targeting Low-Hanging Fruit
  • Lesson 14: Batching Tasks with Lead Gen/Contact Scrapers
  • Lesson 15: Creating a Boolean Search
    • Learn the intricacies of Boolean search for advanced prospecting and filtering.

Bonus Content

  • Affordable Access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Tips on how to get LinkedIn Sales Navigator for $35 a month, saving $900 a year.
  • Optimal InMail Strategy: Insights on the best time to send InMails and the ideal word count for effective communication.


The BowTiedSystems LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course is an essential tool for anyone looking to leverage LinkedIn for sales and networking. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this course offers valuable insights and techniques to enhance your LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience. With its comprehensive curriculum and practical approach, you’re set to transform your networking and sales strategies on LinkedIn.

Enroll in the BowTiedSystems LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course today and start revolutionizing your approach to LinkedIn sales and networking. This course is your pathway to mastering one of the most powerful tools in the digital networking and sales space. Elevate your LinkedIn strategy and achieve your sales goals with expert guidance and practical knowledge.