Brock Misner – Ranking Google Business Profiles – The Local Trifecta Method

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Brock Misner – Ranking Google Business Profiles – The Local Trifecta Method


Brock Misner – Ranking Google Business Profiles – The Local Trifecta Method

Unlock the Power of Google Business Profiles with Brock Misner’s Local Trifecta Method

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, mastering the art of Google Business Profiles (GBP) is crucial for local businesses and marketers. Brock Misner’s course, Ranking Google Business Profiles – The Local Trifecta Method, offers you a comprehensive guide to boost your GBP rankings through data manipulation and user engagement.

Course Highlights:

1. Data Manipulation for Enhanced Rankings:

  • Discover the secrets to increasing the weight of your reviews tenfold, making your GBP stand out.
  • Control the data Google records about your brand and leverage it to boost your rankings, including reviews, click-through rates (CTR), Q&A, and search traffic.
  • Learn how to create and use manipulated search strings to target specific locations, keywords, and more on Google Maps.

2. EXIF Data and Image Hacks:

  • Obtain EXIF data and make it appear on Google’s end for enhanced visibility.
  • Unlock image hacks that set you apart from the competition.

3. Leveraging Google Scholar Hack:

  • Target Google’s EAT algorithm using innovative techniques.
  • Achieve better rankings and visibility by mastering this advanced hack.

4. Using Multiple Platforms for GBP Rankings:

  • Harness the power of Google Calendar, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to bolster your GBP rankings.
  • Learn how to give driving directions on top of your CTR campaigns for added effectiveness.

5. Technical Expertise and Optimization:

  • Explore technical topics like interlinking, schema, Google Analytics, goal tracking, and conversion tracking with tag manager.
  • Optimize your GBP for maximum visibility and engagement.

Course key points:

Initial Setup: Get started with setting up your GBP profile effectively.

Market & Review Analysis: Dive into the analysis of reviews and gather topics for NLP.

Power Up Your Reviews: Learn strategies to power up your reviews and improve your GBP’s reputation.

Location Pages 2.0: Discover proximity hacks for your location pages.

Recordable Events – Images: Attach keywords in EXIF data and make it stick, along with other image-related techniques.

Controlling Google’s Behavior: Gain control over Google’s questions and overall behavior to your advantage.

Recordable Events – Reviews: Submit reviews that control Google’s records effectively.

Google Business Profile POSTING: Master GBP posting to boost your rankings.

Creating Search String URLs: Create manipulated search strings for precise targeting.

Running Your CTR Campaigns: Set up click-through rate campaigns to increase your visibility.

Driving Directions: Learn how to provide driving directions for your GBP.

Natural Behavior Patterns: Understand and apply natural behavior patterns to maximize SEO benefits.

Workflows & SOPs: Streamline your processes with standard operating procedures.

Putting it All Together Monthly: Explore case studies and learn how to apply your newfound knowledge consistently.

Brock Misner’s Ranking Google Business Profiles: The Local Trifecta Method is not just a course; it’s a comprehensive roadmap to dominate the local search landscape. Whether you’re a business owner looking to boost your online presence or a marketer aiming to deliver exceptional results, this course equips you with the tools and strategies to succeed.

Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering GBP rankings through data manipulation and user engagement. Unlock the full potential of local search and secure your place at the top of Google’s results page.