Carlos Corona – 12-Week Business Accelerator Program – #1 Pay Per Call Coaching Program

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Carlos Corona – 12-Week Business Accelerator Program – #1 Pay Per Call Coaching Program


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Carlos Corona’s 12-Week Business Accelerator Program: The Premier Pay-Per-Call Mastery Course

Leap into the dynamic world of Pay-per-call marketing with Carlos Corona’s acclaimed 12-Week Business Accelerator Program. This leading Pay Call Coaching Program promises to take you from novice to seasoned professional, steering your business towards profitability in 12 weeks or under. Under the guidance of industry expert Carlos Corona, uncover the secrets to thriving in the competitive Pay Call arena and turning calls into cash flow.

Comprehensive Welcome & Structured Roadmap

Your journey begins with a personalized welcome and a carefully crafted roadmap designed by Carlos himself. The initial phase ensures that you’re well-prepared, covering essentials such as publisher registration, onboarding call schedules, and the setup of pivotal tools like Google and Facebook Ads accounts. This foundation is crucial for a smooth takeoff into Pay-per-call marketing.

Interactive Video Call Sessions

The program features a robust series of video calls, each tailored to a specific topic crucial to your success. Engage in sessions ranging from Google Campaign Optimization and Ringba Conversion Tracking to Domain Verification and Facebook Lead Ads Campaign Setup. These live interactions are not just informational but are built to provide a hands-on understanding of the Pay-per-call business intricacies.

Diving into Profitable Business Verticals

Gain insider knowledge on a variety of lucrative business verticals, including Medicare, Auto Insurance, Pest Control, and Credit Repair. Carlos’s program takes a deep dive into these industries, equipping you with the insights to pinpoint and target the most profitable niches within the Pay-per-call landscape.

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Tactical Advantage

To ensure you can apply your knowledge practically, the program includes a suite of Pay-per-call tutorials. Learn to master tactics such as creating Custom and Lookalike Audiences, duplicating successful ads, implementing automated SMS strategies, ethically leveraging competitors’ ads, and refining your campaigns for optimal Conversion Action.

Exclusive Bonuses for Comprehensive Learning

Carlos’s 12-Week Business Accelerator Program doesn’t stop at just training. You’ll receive an array of bonuses that add incredible value to your learning experience. Enjoy complimentary tickets to live events, access to over 10 professional Pay Call Landing Pages, and a custom-designed website that gives your business a professional edge online. Plus, with exclusive entry to the Unik Academy, your educational journey expands even further, providing a breadth of knowledge that can propel you to the forefront of the industry.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your marketing journey or seeking advanced strategies to scale your existing operations, Carlos Corona’s 12-Week Business Accelerator Program stands out as an essential investment. Transform your entrepreneurial vision into a lucrative reality, mastering the art of pay-per-call marketing and setting a new standard for success in the digital age. Join the ranks of high-earning affiliates and marketers who have made their mark following Carlos’s unparalleled guidance. 

Enroll today and activate the full potential of your Pay Per Call business.