Charles Floate – Local Kingdom: Lead Generation SEO

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Charles Floate – Local Kingdom: Lead Generation SEO

Charles Floate


Unlock the Power of Local SEO with Charles Floate – Local Kingdom: Lead Generation SEO

Welcome to Charles Floate – Local Kingdom: Lead Generation SEO, a comprehensive course expertly crafted to revolutionize your approach to Local SEO. Whether you’re a local business owner, a digital agency proprietor, a freelance marketer, or a lead collector, this course is tailored to help you harness the vast potential of Local SEO for unparalleled lead generation.

The Importance of Local Searches

In the digital age, where Google searches dictate market trends, being at the top of local searches is crucial. Statistics from Google reveal that the first position in local search results captures 28.5% of clicks. Failing to secure a top spot means not only missing out on potential business but also inadvertently diverting it to competitors.

Course Highlights :

1. Introduction to Local SEO

  • Dive into the world of local businesses and explore different types of Local SEO.

2. Local Keyword Research

  • Gain expertise in identifying and targeting keywords that drive significant local traffic.

3. Local Site Setup and On-Page Optimization

  • Master the nuances of setting up and optimizing a website for top local search rankings.

4. Advanced Link Building Strategies

  • Delve into advanced link-building tactics to enhance your online presence and authority.

5. Google My Business Optimization

  • Learn the art of optimizing your Google My Business listing for maximum local visibility.

6. Local Reviews and Reputation Management

  • Understand the importance of managing online reviews and maintaining a strong reputation.

7. Acquiring Local SEO Clients

  • Discover effective strategies to attract and retain clients who need Local SEO services.

Transform Google Searches into Revenue

Learn to optimize your local business listing and website to become the go-to option for customers ready to purchase. The course offers applicable tactics for various sectors, from plumbing and hairdressing to legal services.

The Art of Lead Generation

The course goes beyond boosting your business, teaching how to build lucrative websites that rank at the top in local Google searches. Imagine owning a site that’s the first result for “emergency plumbing in [your city].” Such sites can become lead-generating powerhouses, amassing valuable contacts for your business or sale.

Unmatched Expertise from Renowned SEOs

With Charles Floate’s extensive experience in black-hat SEO and high-budget marketing, combined with Edward Rostron’s success in local lead generation, you’re learning from the best. Their diverse backgrounds and successful strategies form the backbone of this course.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Local Kingdom offers not just tips but a complete roadmap to mastering Local SEO. Packed with numerous tips, tricks, and industry secrets, the course is designed to keep you ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of SEO.

Enroll in Local Kingdom Today

Enrolling in Charles Floate – Local Kingdom: Lead Generation SEO is more than just signing up for a course; it’s an investment in a skill that can drastically change your financial future. 

Whether you’re looking to elevate your own business or help others in their Local SEO journey, this course is your first step towards becoming a kingpin in local SEO.