Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course

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Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course


Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course


Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course is an extensive and meticulously designed online trading course that offers comprehensive A-Z coaching on price action, trading psychology, and risk management. This course, created by Chris Capre, a respected figure in the trading community, is tailored to provide traders with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to excel in the dynamic world of trading.

Course Overview

The course is structured into seven detailed sections, each focusing on crucial aspects of trading, ensuring a holistic learning experience for participants.

Section 1: Price Action Context

This section lays the foundation for understanding price action. It includes lessons on the pyramid of price action context, impulsive and corrective price action, encoding trends, and understanding key support and resistance zones. These lessons are designed to help traders decode market movements and make informed trading decisions.

Section 2: Essential Price Action Structures

In this section, traders learn about large and small corrective structures, 3-Point HLR trading, and the fundamental anatomy of a breakout. It also covers how to trade exhaustion price action, providing traders with the knowledge to identify and capitalize on specific market structures.

Section 3: Trading Breakouts Like a Pro

This section delves into the nuances of trading breakouts. Lessons cover order flow differences between with-trend and counter-trend breakouts, false break setups, pressure trading, and advanced entry techniques. This knowledge is crucial for traders looking to master breakout strategies.

Section 4: Techniques & Trade Management Skills

Here, traders are introduced to various trading instruments and learn about trading beyond confirmation, avoiding beginner mistakes, and the 90/10 rule of trading. The section also covers trade management skills, including how to trade announcements effectively.

Section 5: Risk & Money Management Models

This critical section of the course focuses on risk and money management. Lessons include understanding trading edge, expectancy, trade frequency, risk of ruin, drawdowns, and maximum risk models. These lessons are vital for developing a robust risk management strategy.

Section 6: Building Your Successful Trading Mindset

In this section, traders learn about the brain and negativity bias, psychological biases affecting trading performance, and building a better brain through meditation. It also covers developing emotional IQ for trading, understanding the major trading cycles, and building confidence for success.

Section 7: Preparation to Review

The final section prepares traders for their trading day and includes lessons on pre-trade, live-trade, and post-trade management. It also guides traders on how to analyze and improve their trading performance and build a comprehensive trading plan.


Chris Capre: The Advanced Price Action Course is a valuable resource for traders at all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this course offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to enhance your trading skills. With its focus on price action, trading psychology, risk management, and a comprehensive set of trading strategies, this course equips traders with the tools needed to navigate the markets successfully and achieve their trading goals. 

Chris Capre’s expertise and the course’s detailed structure make it an essential program for anyone serious about mastering the art of trading.