Christina Ivette – The Wealthy Trustee

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Christina Ivette – The Wealthy Trustee

Christina Ivette – The Wealthy Trustee


Christina Ivette – The Wealthy Trustee course is an essential course designed for individuals seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of trust entities and asset protection. Expertly crafted by Christina Ivette, this seven-week program delves into the complexities of establishing and managing trust entities to safeguard assets and ensure the continuity of generational wealth.

Week-by-Week Course Breakdown

Week 1: Understanding Trust Entities

    • Develop a foundational understanding of what a trust entity entails.
    • Learn about the roles of grantors, trustees, and beneficiaries in a trust.
    • Understand trusts as functional entities capable of nearly all human activities.

Week 2: Asset Protection

    • Explore various types of trusts, such as family and corporate trusts.
    • Develop strategies to shield assets from litigation, foreclosures, and other financial threats.
    • Gain confidence in long-term wealth protection.

Week 3: Generational Wealth

    • Learn the essentials of generational wealth planning.
    • Understand how to set up custodial accounts under UTMA and life insurance policies for children.
    • Ensure your children have a strong financial foundation for future success.

Week 4: Transferring Asset Ownership into a Trust

    • Master the process of transferring asset ownership into a trust.
    • Learn about the quit claim deed and its role in asset transfer.

Week 5: Setting Up a Non-Profit

    • Discover the benefits of establishing a non-profit trust corporation.
    • Learn to create and manage corporate credit for non-profit organizations.
    • Understand the balance of contributing to society and enjoying non-profit status benefits.

Week 6: Tax Exemption Strategies

    • Delve into tax exemption strategies for trust entities.
    • Learn how to maximize tax benefits while minimizing liabilities legally.

Week 7: Application and Modifications

    • Understand how to register your trust entity for an EIN.
    • Learn the procedures for modifying your trust in response to changing asset circumstances.

Additional Learning Opportunities

  • Week 8: Investing Trust Money
    • Gain insight into investing trust funds in various securities like stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Week 9: Organizational Structure
    • Study the concept and formation of holding companies.
    • Learn about LLCs and inter-entity ownership.
  • Week 10: Personal Banking for Families
    • Establish private family banking and create family governance structures and mission statements.

Who Is This Course For?

Christina Ivette – The Wealthy Trustee course is tailored for individuals interested in asset protection, estate planning, and generational wealth transfer. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of trust entities.

What You’ll Gain

  • Expert knowledge in trust entity formation and management.
  • Advanced strategies for asset protection and risk mitigation.
  • Skills in generational wealth planning and trust fund investment.
  • Insight into non-profit organization management and tax strategies.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Led by an Expert: Christina Ivette brings her extensive knowledge and experience in wealth management and legal strategies.
  • Comprehensive and Practical: The course covers every aspect of trust entities, from their formation to advanced asset protection techniques.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Gain the knowledge to safeguard your assets and ensure the continuity of your wealth for generations.

Enroll in Christina Ivette – The Wealthy Trustee course to embark on a journey towards financial security and generational wealth preservation. 

This course provides the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the legal landscape of trust entities confidently and profitably. Secure your legacy and enroll today!