Christine Gomolka – 30 Days to Paid

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Christine Gomolka – 30 Days to Paid


Christine Gomolka - 30 Days to Paid


Dive into freelance writing with Christine Gomolka’s 30 Days to Paid, a comprehensive course designed to turn aspiring writers into successful freelancers in 30 days. This meticulously crafted program is a definitive guide for anyone looking to launch or advance their freelance writing career. Using strategic planning, practical exercises, and insider tips, Christine Gomolka offers a step-by-step framework to land high-paying clients and build a sustainable freelance business.

I. Course Essence:

Your Freelance Roadmap

30 Days to Paid is not just about the basics of freelance writing; it’s a holistic approach to building a successful freelance career. This course offers a step-by-step project plan, eliminating overwhelm and ensuring you stay on track with your goals. From identifying lucrative niches to creating a compelling online presence, this course covers every aspect needed to succeed in the competitive world of freelance writing.

II. Module Breakdown

Module 1: Your Freelance Roadmap

    • Structured timeline and project plan to keep you organized and motivated.
    • Step-by-step guidance to increase your chances of landing your first client within 30 days.
    • An overview of leveraging LinkedIn effectively for high-paying freelance clients.

Module 2: Following Your (Calculated!) Calling

    • Strategies to find and choose a high-paying, in-demand niche.
    • Guidance on creating an online presence that positions you as a niche expert.
    • Practical tips for using LinkedIn and website optimization to attract clients.

Module 3: Targeting Your Tribe

    • A comprehensive guide to creating an effective writer’s website.
    • Portfolio workshops and examples to help you build or strengthen your portfolio.
    • Easy methods to create and showcase writing samples, even with no prior experience.

Module 4: Leveraging LinkedIn

    • Techniques for optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract quality clients.
    • Tips for using your LinkedIn feed for organic networking and visibility.
    • Strategies to make your profile search-optimized and visible to ideal clients.

Module 5: Personalization that Pays

    • Customizable cold pitch templates to land high-paying clients.
    • Best practices for follow-up messages and troubleshooting low response rates.
    • Training on conducting client calls confidently, especially for introverts.

III. Exclusive Bonuses

Leveraging LinkedIn Job Postings

    • Learn to apply to LinkedIn freelance jobs and get noticed by recruiters.
    • Strategies to make your application stand out and increase your selection chances.

Quiet Confidence: Mastering Discovery Calls for Introverts

    • Overcome phone phobia with a structured template for client discovery calls.
    • Learn to communicate your qualifications and services effectively.

Client Call Confidential: Real-life Recordings

    • Access to actual client call recordings for a real-world learning experience.
    • Learn strategies for building trust, overcoming objections, and closing deals.

V. Conclusion

30 Days to Paid is more than a course; it’s a launchpad for a flourishing freelance writing career. It equips you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to navigate the freelance world confidently. Whether you aim to start freelancing, enhance your writing skills, or elevate your freelance career, this course offers the roadmap to success.

Step into the world of freelance writing with Christine Gomolka’s 30 Days to Paid and transform your passion into a profitable career. Enrol now and start your journey to becoming a sought-after freelance writer in 30 days!