Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle


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Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

Unlock Your Path to Business Ownership with the Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

Are you ready to discover the secrets of acquiring and managing successful businesses? Look no further than the comprehensive Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle. Crafted by the esteemed business acquisition expert Codie Sanchez, this unique package combines two transformative masterclasses to provide you with an unparalleled education in business ownership.

What You Get:

Laundromat Masterclass:

  • Gain full access to an online course led by Laundromat Specialist Mike Nerby.
  • Access custom Laundromat templates and tools that can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Receive a video walkthrough of the search process and an initial outreach script.
  • Utilize the “First 90 Days as an Owner Checklist” to kickstart your business journey.

Biz Buying Course Bundle:

This comprehensive course is divided into 9 units, ensuring you gain an in-depth understanding of the business acquisition process:

Unit 1: Intro – Buying a Business

  • Learn the fundamentals of buying a business, including the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Discover how to build your team and prepare for the acquisition process.
  • Get introduced to concepts like Unconventional Acquisitions, Personal P&L, and the Business Buying Calendar for Excel.

Unit 2: What Type of Business?

  • Gain clarity on the characteristics of different businesses.
  • Set your goals and objectives as you explore various business models.
  • Benefit from interviews with industry experts and access a list of the best and worst businesses to buy.

Unit 3: Finding the Business

  • Discover effective strategies for targeting the right sellers.
  • Learn how to leverage your network and build your brand.
  • Access valuable resources such as network email outreach scripts and a business broker list.

Unit 4: Selling Yourself

  • Master the art of showcasing your unique skill set, track record, and potential benefits to sellers.
  • Participate in business buyer role-play scenarios and utilize a template NDA.

Unit 5: How to Value a Business

  • Understand different valuation methods, including the KISS method.
  • Learn how to perform due diligence effectively.
  • Access resources such as a due diligence checklist and a letter of intent.

Unit 6: Negotiating the Deal

  • Become a negotiation expert with insights on seller needs analysis, price vs. terms, and competition assessment.
  • Utilize valuable resources like term sheets and LOI templates.

Unit 7: Financing the Deal

  • Explore various financing options, including owner financing, SBA lending, and alternative sources.
  • Dive into investor and operator partnerships and review a case study on seller financing structures.

Unit 8: Legal and Contracts

  • Understand the crucial role of financial oversight and access.
  • Familiarize yourself with the essential legal documents required for business acquisition.

Unit 9: First 90 Days as a Business Owner

  • Prepare for your initial days as a business owner.
  • Learn how to conduct employee meetings, hire an operator, and set goals for the first 30-60-90 days of operation.

Unlock your potential as a successful business owner with the Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle.

With expert guidance, practical tools, and real-world insights, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the world of business acquisition and enjoy lasting success. 

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in your future; enroll today!