Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business


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Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business



Navigate the Journey of Buying a Small Business with Colin Keeley’s Expert Course

Colin Keeley’s How to Buy a Small Business course is a meticulously crafted guide designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge and skills to purchase a small business successfully. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice in the business world, this course offers a comprehensive roadmap from start to finish.

Course Modules:

Getting Started: This module lays the foundation, explaining why purchasing an existing business can be more advantageous than starting from scratch. It guides you through setting up a US legal entity, choosing a niche, and addresses critical considerations like partnering and capital contributions.

Sourcing Businesses: Learn effective techniques to source potential businesses. This section includes a list of marketplaces, brokers, proprietary sourcing guides, outbound email scripts, and strategies for finding local businesses to buy.

Diligence: Delve into both qualitative and quantitative due diligence. Gain insight into essential financial terms, access a financial model template, and utilize a comprehensive diligence checklist and legal templates.

Valuation & Negotiation: Master the art of business valuation and negotiation. This module offers a walkthrough and flowchart, covering key topics like revenue vs. profit multiples, managing seller expectations, and valuing a software business. It also answers common questions about valuation and negotiation.

Financing & Closing: Learn how to structure deals, find investors, and understand the closing mechanics, including securing an SBA loan. This section provides a general guide for financial modelling and transition in acquisition deals.

Growth: Discover strategies for hiring and managing developers and SEO writers, structuring a holding company, minimizing taxes on exit, and identifying competitive advantages.

Your Path to Business Ownership Starts Here

Enrolling in How to Buy a Small Business means embarking on a journey to becoming a successful business owner. The course equips you with a holistic understanding of business acquisition, helping you make informed decisions.

Transform Your Business Dreams into Reality

Join Colin Keeley’s How to Buy a Small Business course today and take the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Whether aiming to diversify your investment portfolio or seeking a new business venture, this course is your comprehensive guide to success. With expert insights, practical tools, and step-by-step guidance, you’re not just learning about buying a business but preparing to own and grow it successfully.

Enrol now and unlock the potential to transform your business aspirations into a thriving reality. With Colin Keeley’s guidance, the path to successful business ownership is clearer and more attainable. Start your journey today and become the business owner you’ve always aspired to be!