David Ford, Tom Bell – The Native Ads Master Class

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David Ford, Tom Bell – The Native Ads Master Class


David Ford, Tom Bell - The Native Ads Master Class


Unlock Your Affiliate Marketing Success with David Ford and Tom Bell’s Native Ads Master Class

Are you looking to build a lucrative affiliate marketing business using native ads but feel overwhelmed by the thought of getting started? Look no further than the Native Ads Master Class by industry experts David Ford and Tom Bell. This comprehensive course will guide you, step by step, through creating a highly profitable affiliate marketing business using native advertising.

Benefits for Students:

  • A Proven Path to Earning Up to $1,000/Day: If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, this course can show you how to earn thousands of dollars daily and more. Imagine waking up to stats like these and achieving financial freedom.
  • Realize Your Vision of Freedom: It’s not just about the pay; it’s the freedom that a substantial income provides. Work on your terms, travel, spend more time with loved ones, pursue hobbies, and live life to the fullest.
  • An Approach Tailored for Success: Most courses leave you excited but uncertain about what to do next. The Native Ads Master Class offers a clear action plan, ensuring you don’t get lost.
  • Success for Everyone: Regardless of your age, education, or background, this training is designed to help anyone willing to put in consistent effort to achieve results. You don’t need special abilities, just determination.
  • Expert Guidance: David Ford and Tom Bell have a wealth of experience in affiliate marketing, and they care about your success. Their consistently successful approach sets them apart as instructors.

Course Modules: Your Blueprint for Affiliate Marketing Success

Module 1: Intro to Native Ads

  • Discover why native ads are the best choice for affiliate marketing.
  • Learn the basics of how affiliate marketing works with native ads.
  • Set up your system for success from the beginning.

Module 2: Choosing Profitable Offers

  • Determine which niches and offers to promote for maximum profitability.
  • Identify the affiliate networks to work with and obtain special treatment.
  • Avoid common mistakes in offer selection.

Module 3: Researching Your Audience

  • Conduct demographic research correctly and understand your audience.
  • Identify and target customer pain points for higher conversion rates.
  • Think like a customer to boost your affiliate success.

Module 4: Making Creatives

  • Learn the secrets of creating high-converting creatives.
  • Conduct competitive intelligence research to outwit competitors.
  • Master the art of copywriting to become a super affiliate.

Module 5: Landing Pages

  • Discover the most effective types of landing pages and how to create them.
  • Get access to landing page templates for quick setup.
  • Optimize your landing pages for better results.

Module 6: The Best Places to Get Traffic

  • Learn about the best traffic sources to use and which ones to avoid.
  • Participate in your first traffic exchange and track your campaign performance.
  • Master the art of traffic acquisition for affiliate success.

Module 7: Campaign Setup Walkthrough

  • Set up your campaigns step by step, avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Understand marketing funnels and how they work.
  • Evaluate your campaign metrics and make informed decisions.

Module 8: Testing Strategies

  • Budget effectively to maximize your advertising impact.
  • Learn the power of split testing to enhance profits.
  • Continuously assess your campaign’s performance for better results.

Module 9: Optimization Stage 1

  • Optimize your campaign for reduced costs and increased profits.
  • Filter traffic effectively and prioritize key metrics.
  • Enhance ROI by making the most of your campaign.

Module 10: Optimization Stage 2

  • Dive deeper into optimization to turn a losing campaign into a profitable one.
  • Track performance over time and manage high-earning campaigns.
  • Understand the difference between optimization and scaling.

Module 11: Case Studies

  • Gain valuable insights by exploring the accounts of super affiliates.
  • Understand their thought processes and decision-making.
  • Learn how to recognize potential opportunities even in non-profitable campaigns.

Module 12: Campaign Scaling

  • Discover the strategies to scale your campaigns exponentially.
  • Differentiate between optimization and scaling.
  • Break through growth plateaus and maximize your success.

Module 13: Advanced Funnels

  • Learn how to create funnels that result in multiple conversions per visitor.
  • Analyze traffic flow and map your funnel effectively.
  • Utilize retargeting and opt-ins to boost your funnel’s performance.

Module 14: Going Direct

  • Expand beyond traditional affiliate tactics and uncover new opportunities.
  • Understand the benefits of going direct and when to utilize this approach.
  • Build campaigns with less competition for greater success.

Bonus Webinars: Learn from Industry Experts

  • Access interviews with top players in the native advertising space, including traffic sources, spy tools, and offer owners.
  • Gain insights and insider knowledge from experts in the field.

Bonus Landing Page Templates: Save Time and Effort

  • Access a selection of high-converting landing page templates.
  • Personalize these templates, add your affiliate links, and get started quickly.

Join David Ford and Tom Bell’s Native Ads Master Class today and gain immediate access to the comprehensive training you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. With their guidance, you can embark on a path to financial freedom, grow your affiliate business, and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of. 

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back; enrol now and take the first step toward your affiliate marketing journey.