Edney Pinheiro – Advanced Trading Course


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Edney Pinheiro – Advanced Trading Course

Edney Pinheiro – Advanced Trading Course

Step into advanced trading with Edney Pinheiro’s Advanced Trading Course, a program designed for swing and day traders aiming to elevate their trading proficiency. This course delves deep into the intricacies of price-action technical analysis, offering a versatile toolkit adaptable to various market conditions and tailored to individual trading styles.

Course Overview: 

1. Trading Philosophy and Methodology:

Begin your journey by understanding the core of Edney Pinheiro’s trading philosophy. Uncover the unique strategies that have shaped his trading career and learn how to apply these principles to achieve consistency in your trading endeavours.

2. Navigating Market Cycles:

Master the dynamics of the Asia, London, and New York trading sessions. This module offers profound insights into the behavioural patterns of different market cycles and how they interact, providing you with the knowledge to make informed trading decisions.

3. Point of Interest (POI) Selection:

Discover the significance of market imbalances and learn to identify the most lucrative Points of Interest. This section equips you with the skills to pinpoint high-potential trading opportunities, enhancing your market edge.

4. Liquidity Creation and Management:

Unravel the techniques of creating and sweeping liquidity in the market. This critical course component teaches you to understand and manipulate liquidity for optimal trade execution and profit maximization.

5. Mastering Reversal Trades:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of reversal trades with a step-by-step trading plan. Learn how to amalgamate various course elements to construct a robust reversal trade strategy.

6. Deciphering Market Structure:

Acquire a deep understanding of the market’s underlying structure. This knowledge is pivotal in leveraging market mechanics to your advantage, enabling you to navigate the trading landscape confidently.

7. Executing Continuation Trades:

Parallel to mastering reversal trades, this module provides a detailed blueprint for identifying and capitalizing on continuation trades, another avenue for substantial trading profits.


Edney Pinheiro’s Advanced Trading Course is not jucourse’sgram; it’s a transformative journey designed to refine your trading skills and strategic approach. Whether you’re an experiePinheiro’sr looking to sharpen your edge or a newcomer aspiring to build a solid trading foundation, this course offers the comprehensive guidance, tools, and community support necessary for achieving consistent profitability. 

Enrol today and embark on a path to trading mastery with one of the industry’s esteemed experts.