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Emily McDermott – Spreadsheets That Sell



Emily McDermott – Spreadsheets That Sell is an innovative course designed to guide you through creating and selling impactful spreadsheets. This course is perfect for anyone looking to harness the power of digital products and tap into the lucrative spreadsheet creation and sales market.

Course Overview

This comprehensive course, led by Emily McDermott, is structured over five weeks, each focusing on different aspects of spreadsheet creation, marketing, and sales. It’s tailored for beginners and experienced individuals who want to excel in digital products, particularly on platforms like Etsy and Shopify.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

Week 1: Getting Started

  • Explore the potential of Etsy as a sales platform.
  • Learn essential terms and validate your first five profitable spreadsheet ideas.
  • Identify your target audience for maximum conversions.
  • Craft a brand that attracts your ideal customers.
  • Choose the suitable spreadsheets to create and build a 5-step customer journey.
  • Validate product ideas through keyword research and uncover 13 product tags for Etsy™.

Week 2: Crafting Spreadsheets that Sell

  • Master market research for customer-centric spreadsheets.
  • Leverage branding for marketable spreadsheets.
  • Decide on tabs to include for maximum value and speed up production.
  • Choose between Google Sheets, Excel, or a combination.
  • Learn the four golden rules for high-converting spreadsheets and customize PLR spreadsheets.
  • Navigate the world of fonts and unveil five super easy and effective formulas.
  • Create eye-catching pie charts and an expense tracker with a dropdown menu.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at a best-seller walkthrough.

Week 3: Listing Your Spreadsheets on Etsy

  • Set up a professional Etsy shop for increased sales.
  • Use the mockup guide and Canva templates, and strategize pricing.
  • Craft strategic titles, tags, and descriptions.
  • Upload Google Sheets and Excel files on Etsy and optimize listings through A/B testing.
  • Handle customer queries confidently, including FAQ tips.
  • Promote your shop on various platforms.

Week 4: Etsy™ Sales Strategy

  • Utilize coupons, nurture customer interactions, and leverage lead magnets.
  • Manage custom orders and expand your product line.
  • Explore Etsy ads, harness Pinterest for traffic, and analyze Etsy statistics.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of running sales on Etsy and tap into Instagram.

Week 5: Expanding Beyond Etsy

  • Reach customers across various online platforms.
  • Manage social media profiles, create engaging content, and debate the need for a blog.
  • Learn a sneaky Google SEO trick to boost traffic rapidly.


Emily McDermott – Spreadsheets That Sell is more than just a course; it’s a comprehensive journey into digital product creation and sales. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marketer, this course offers the insights and strategies necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of online sales. 

Enroll now and start your journey to mastering spreadsheet creation and marketing and unlocking the potential of a lucrative digital product business.