Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0

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Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0


Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0



Embark on a journey to master short-term Forex trading strategies with the London Close Trade 2.0 course from Forex Mentor. Co-developed by Vic Noble and the late Shirley Hudson, this course offers a unique approach to trading Forex pairs at the London Stock Market close. With the launch of LCT 2.0, Vic Noble has refined this strategy to be more objective, offering expanded potential for trading at various times of the day.

Course Overview: Specialized Short-Term Forex Trading

London Close Trade 2.0 is tailored for traders with small account sizes or those seeking limited exposure to the Forex markets. This strategy requires minimal initial pip risk while promising exceptional reward-to-risk ratios, making it an ideal approach for both novice and experienced traders.

Key Components of the Course

1. Introduction to the London Close Trade Strategy

  • Gain insights into the origins and principles behind the London Close Trade, exploring its effectiveness and strategic approach.

2. The Noble Entry Technique

  • Learn the intricacies of the Noble Entry technique, a critical component for successful trading at the London Close.

3. Trade Setup and Execution

  • Understand the specific rules and guidelines for setting up and executing trades within the London Close Trade framework.

4. Adapting the LCT Strategy for Other Trading Times

  • Discover how to adapt the LCT strategy for trading at different times, thereby expanding your trading opportunities.

5. Risk Management and Account Growth

  • Delve into the essential aspects of risk management and maintaining a healthy account balance while implementing the LCT strategy.

Why Choose London Close Trade 2.0?

  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from Vic Noble, a seasoned trader who provides clear and concise instruction throughout the course.
  • Targeted Short-Term Strategy: Ideal for those looking to master short-term trading without significant market exposure.
  • Practical and Applicable: The course is structured to provide actionable strategies that can be immediately applied to your trading activities.
  • Enhanced Trading Opportunities: With the adaptability of the LCT strategy, gain the flexibility to trade effectively at different times of the day.

Enroll Now for Advanced Forex Trading Skills

Join the London Close Trade 2.0 course offered by Forex Mentor and take a significant step towards mastering short-term Forex trading. With expert guidance, comprehensive learning modules, and practical trading strategies, you’ll be equipped to enhance your trading performance and achieve financial success.

Ready to excel in short-term Forex trading? Enroll in the Forex Mentor’s London Close Trade 2.0 course today and unlock the potential for exceptional trading rewards!