Frank Kern – Evergreen Email Machine

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Frank Kern – Evergreen Email Machine



Step into cutting-edge email marketing with Frank Kern’s Evergreen Email Machine. This course revolutionizes how email is used for sales, drawing on Frank Kern’s 22 years of online selling experience. It’s specifically designed to show you exactly what’s generating the most revenue right now in email marketing.

Transformative Learning Experience

The Evergreen Email Machine is more than just a course; it’s a transformative learning journey. With Frank Kern at the helm, a seasoned expert in the online marketing world, you’re in for a deep dive into innovative email strategies that have proven highly effective for him and his clients over the years.

Course Structure

Building an Email List: Discover ten list-building strategies to grow your email list effectively. This foundational step is crucial for any successful email marketing campaign.

Maximizing Sales: Learn to build a system to make as many sales as possible within the first seven days of someone joining your list. This strategy is designed to capitalize on the initial interest of new subscribers.

Crafting Cash on Demand Emails: Develop the skill of writing Cash on Demand emails. These are designed to be used as broadcasts for same-day sales, providing you with a tool to generate revenue spontaneously.

Automated Email Machine: The most exciting part of the course is learning to build an automated email machine. This system is designed to send the right emails to your list at the right time, bringing in sales automatically.

Why Choose the Evergreen Email Machine?

Proven Expertise: Frank Kern brings over two decades of experience in online selling and email marketing, offering insights and strategies that have been tested and proven in the real world.

Comprehensive and Practical: The course covers everything from list building, crafting effective sales emails, and setting up automated systems.

Real Revenue Generation: Learn strategies that are not just theoretical but have been responsible for significant revenue generation.

Versatile Strategies: The techniques and approaches taught are applicable across various industries and business sizes.

Transform Your Email Marketing Approach

Frank Kern’s Evergreen Email Machine is more than just an educational program; it’s a pathway to mastering email marketing. This course offers the tools, strategies, and insights to turn your email list into a powerful sales machine. Whether starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing email campaigns, this course provides you with the knowledge and skills to do so effectively.