Frank Kern – The Live A.I. Customer Machine

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Frank Kern – The Live A.I. Customer Machine



Join the ranks of top marketers with Frank Kern’s The Live A.I. Customer Machine, a five-day intensive program designed to revolutionize your marketing approach. This course, combining A.I. technology and the timeless secrets of history’s greatest marketers, is your blueprint for becoming a renowned figure in your market, building your brand, and acquiring leads and customers effortlessly.

Unlock the Secrets of Intent-Based Branding 4.0

Over five days, you’ll immerse yourself in Frank Kern’s proprietary Intent-Based Branding 4.0 system. This systematic approach builds a powerful marketing machine, automating lead and customer generation and making your brand a household name. Reach millions with a strategy that blends A.I. and social media, standing out with techniques used by the most successful marketers in history.

What You Get in The Live A.I. Customer Machine

Kern Inner Circle Collection

  • Exclusive access to a collection never before available to the public, offering a deep dive into Frank Kern’s marketing journey and strategies from 2016 to 2020.
  • Gain insights as if you were working side by side with Frank, learning how to build and scale businesses to seven figures.

Mass Control Monthly

  • $9,801 worth of in-depth reports from the peak era of Internet marketing, each report originally valued at $297.
  • Learn from behind-the-scenes experiences and actionable steps to replicate successful promotions.

Upscale Continuity

  • A unique course on creating and selling your continuity program, with examples of Frank’s programs generating substantial monthly revenue.

Evergreen Email Machine

  • Learn the new way to use email, modelling billion-dollar brand strategies to skyrocket email sales.
  • Includes a focus on email messaging and sending strategies.

Instant Automation

  • Exclusive access to training initially priced at $15,000, focusing on building the ultimate automated email sales machine.
  • Experience the process of personalizing and implementing email swipe files and campaigns.

The Complete Maximizer Program

  • A 12-week program previously offered to a select group for $2,997, teaching you how to create various types of sales pitches for any product or service.

Operation Total Freedom

  • An exclusive training initially available for $10,000, known for selling extremely expensive offers and requiring non-disclosure agreements for participation.

Millionaire Marketing Formula

  • A rare opportunity to learn from a $10,000 event with Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard, breaking down every million-dollar promotion they’ve done.

The High Ticket Magic Model

  • Training on using webinars to create and sell high-ticket programs initially sold for $10,000 and a starting point for many renowned programs in the high-ticket world.

The Advanced Consulting Class

  • A course designed for those aiming to sell their advice and expertise to real businesses professionally.

Information Business Blueprint

  • Beyond teaching digital course creation, this course dives into various digital course types and their specific sales processes.

The High-Level Fellowship

  • Exclusive training sold only twice for $7,600, focusing on high-ticket models, pricing, delivery, and sales techniques.

Operation Takeover

  • A one-time class for $1,997 featuring over 30 live hot seats with Frank, teaching techniques to dominate your market and make more sales.

Mass Control 2.0 Complete

  • A step-by-step method for creating high-earning sales promotions in Internet Marketing history.

The Three-Story System

  • Training on how each human goes through three psychological stages when buying, with specific story types and scripting frameworks for each stage.

The Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

  • Highly acclaimed training on creating content-rich webinars that sell effectively.

The Alchemy Event Live Recordings

  • Widely regarded as the best blueprint for producing webinars that sell rich content.

Subconscious Selling

  • Frank breaks down the communication patterns of influential communicators to create mass movements through speech.

The Survey Siphon System

  • Learn how to sell different products in one campaign without it feeling like a sales process.

The Video Black Box System

  • The formula that made Frank Kern famous in video creation kept him at the forefront of the Internet marketing industry.

Transform Your Marketing Approach

By the end of this five-day intensive program, you’ll have a plan to become famously well-known in your market, reaching millions and building a robust brand. The Live A.I. Customer Machine offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry and apply these lessons to achieve remarkable success in your business.

Join Frank Kern for The Live A.I. Customer Machine and transform your approach to marketing. Enrol now and start your journey to becoming a marketing legend!