Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint Course

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Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint


Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint


Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint Course: Mastering Day Trading Techniques

The Footprint Day Trading Blueprint Course by Futures Flow is an all-encompassing guide designed to elevate the skills of traders at all levels. This comprehensive course offers a detailed exploration of day trading through footprints, combining video lessons, interactive exercises, and real-time practice sessions. It’s tailored to provide a thorough understanding of the essential concepts and strategies needed for successful day trading.

Course Structure

The course is meticulously organized into several key modules, each focusing on a crucial aspect of footprint day trading:

  • Introduction / Setup:
    • A welcoming guide to the Futures Flow Day Trading Blueprint.
    • Instructions on how to set up the necessary software and workspace for effective trading.
    • A primer on the basics of footprints in trading and how to use ATMS.
    • Strategies for planning and achieving success, including a Calendar for Success template.
  • Finding High Confluence Setups:
    • Lessons on identifying full confirmation plays and their importance.
    • Detailed walkthroughs using confirmation replay techniques.
  • Strategy #1 – Delta Trap:
    • In-depth graphic lessons and replays on the Delta Trap strategy.
    • Live trading examples to demonstrate the application of the Delta Trap in real market scenarios.
  • Strategy #2 – Continuous POC:
    • Comprehensive instruction on Continuous POC, including graphic lessons and replays.
    • Live trading sessions illustrating the Continuous POC strategy in action.
  • Strategy #3 – Market Sweeps:
    • Detailed analysis of Market Sweep strategies and how to spot stop loss hunts.
    • Real-time examples of Market Sweeps and their implications in trading.
  • Tips and Tricks:
    • Special section on ratios, exhaustion confluence, Extreme POC, and differentiating strong vs weak breakouts.
    • Insightful tips to enhance trading strategies and decision-making.
  • Risk Management / Psychology:
    • Guidance on the best times to trade and the importance of calculated risk.
    • Focus on the psychological aspects of trading and maintaining a balanced mindset.
  • Market Review Sessions:
    • Regular market session reviews with dates specified, providing real-time analysis and learning from recent trading days.

Transform Your Day Trading Approach

By completing the Footprint Day Trading Blueprint Course, you will:

  • Develop Advanced Trading Skills: Master the art of footprint day trading with in-depth knowledge of various strategies.
  • Enhance Decision Making: Learn to make informed trading decisions through practical examples and real-time market analysis.
  • Improve Risk Management: Understand the importance of risk management and psychological resilience in trading.
  • Stay Ahead in the Market: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in day trading.


The Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint Course is your gateway to mastering the intricacies of day trading. Enroll now and embark on a journey of learning, application, and success in the dynamic world of trading. 

Whether you aim to start a new trading venture or elevate your existing strategies, this course offers the knowledge, practical experience, and expert guidance you need to succeed.