Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint


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Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint


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Embark on a transformative writing journey with the Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint, an all-encompassing course meticulously crafted to guide aspiring and seasoned writers alike in the art of nonfiction writing. From the initial idea to the final manuscript, this course offers a structured pathway through four essential parts, each designed to address critical aspects of the writing process, ensuring your nonfiction work reaches completion and shines with potential.

Part I: Laying the Foundation

Your writing expedition begins with overcoming common obstacles faced by nonfiction writers, such as the daunting blank page and the pervasive fear of inadequacy. This foundational segment equips you with the tools to establish a disciplined writing schedule, hone your unique voice, and construct clear, compelling outlines. Delve into the classic structure that propelled Jerry Jenkins to literary acclaim, learn to infuse your nonfiction with the allure of storytelling, and master the nuances of marketing your masterpiece.

Part II: Beginning the Writing

The journey continues as you confront the critical first page, where many manuscripts falter. Jenkins reveals his strategies for an irresistible opening, guiding you through creating a captivating first page and the meticulous process of self-editing. Experience hands-on training in revision techniques to polish your work to perfection.

Part III: Establishing a Writing Routine

Discover the cornerstone of successful writing: a consistent and productive routine. This segment offers a deep dive into techniques for maintaining high energy and engagement throughout your manuscript. From elevating the stakes in your narrative to the honest portrayal in biographical writing, Jenkins shares insights to keep your prose dynamic and captivating.

Part IV: Finishing Well

Navigating the ‘Marathon of the Middle’ can be a writer’s greatest challenge. Jenkins provides invaluable advice for sustaining momentum, crafting books that resonate and endure, maintaining reader engagement, and weaving a compelling theme throughout your narrative. Learn the secrets to a memorable conclusion that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

Bonus: The Query Letter and Proposal Package

Transition from writer to published author with Jenkins’ expert guidance on querying agents and publishers. Access successful proposal templates, insights into crafting compelling query and cover letters, and practical strategies for pitching your book.

The Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint is more than a course; it’s a mentorship under a seasoned author whose insights and techniques are distilled into a comprehensive guide for nonfiction writers. Whether penning your first work or looking to elevate your craft, this course promises to imbue your nonfiction writing with clarity, passion, and purpose. 

Join now and transform your writing journey with the wisdom and expertise of Jerry Jenkins.