Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business


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Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business


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Embark on a transformative journey to entrepreneurial excellence with Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business, a meticulously designed course that arms you with the innovative strategies and tools necessary to distinguish and elevate your business above the competitive fray. Guided by Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square and a renowned figure in the entrepreneurial world, this course unfolds a comprehensive blueprint for constructing a business that excels and becomes virtually impossible to imitate.

Crafting Your Innovation Stack

The course starts with a deep dive into the concept of an innovation stack. You’ll learn how to develop a unique combination of interlocking innovations that safeguard your business against replication. This module illuminates the process of creating an innovation stack and underscores the significance of fresh ideas, anchoring, and conservatism in fortifying your business’s foundation.

Customer-Centric Innovations

Lesson 2 shifts focus towards identifying potent innovation stacks and fostering a customer-centric approach. This lesson reinforces the importance of understanding and prioritizing the customer’s needs and perspectives as you sculpt your business’s unique offerings.

Historical Perspectives on Innovation

In Lesson 3, you’re invited to explore historical case studies, including how companies like Square successfully navigated competition from giants like Amazon through their distinctive innovation stacks. These insights provide a rich context for the power of well-structured innovation stacks in securing a market-leading position.

Problem Solving and Market Understanding

By Lesson 4, the course guides you through pinpointing ‘perfect problems’ and leveraging deep care for these issues as a competitive edge. Following this, Lesson 5 delves into strategies for tapping into the Total Addressable Market (TAM), emphasizing the untapped potential at the market’s fringes that competitors often overlook.

Balancing Innovation with Effective Copying

Lesson 6 introduces the nuanced art of copying intelligently, combining it with innovation for dynamic business growth. This is followed by practical advice in Lessons 7 and 8 on avoiding common pitfalls and optimizing for speed in your innovation journey.

Continuous Innovation and Pricing Strategies

As the course progresses, Lesson 9 outlines a straightforward solutions framework for continuous innovation, one step at a time. Lesson 10 then tackles pricing strategies emphasising trust and value, steering clear of undermining your product’s worth.

Overcoming Fear and Protecting Your Innovations

In the crucial Lesson 11, McKelvey addresses harnessing fear—turning it from a deterrent into a driver of success, especially when facing formidable competitors. Lesson 12 alerts you to potential threats to your innovation stack and underscores the critical role of market attention.

Lessons from Square and Final Insights

The course culminates in Lesson 13 with a case study on Square’s triumph, illustrating the invaluable role of small or new businesses in pioneering innovation stacks. This final lesson also stresses the importance of adhering to what is best for your product, even against conventional industry currents.


Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business transcends traditional business courses by offering a strategic and personalized roadmap to building a business that thrives on innovation and uniqueness. Participants will be equipped to craft their unbeatable business through Jim McKelvey’s expert guidance and a curriculum rich with real-world case studies, practical tools, and innovative strategies. 

This course is an investment in your future success, providing you with the insights of one of the industry’s most innovative minds. Enrol now and start your journey towards creating a business that is not just sustainable but unbeatable in today’s ever-evolving market landscape.