John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles

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John Bejakovic – Copy Riddles



Dive into the world of elite copywriting with John Bejakovic’s Copy Riddles course, a transformative course designed to catapult your copywriting skills to A-list status. This isn’t just another course; it’s an immersive experience that embeds proven techniques into your psyche, elevating your craft to new heights.

Course Essence: Beyond Traditional Learning

Copy Riddles stands out with its unique approach to teaching. Instead of conventional lectures, it utilizes an interactive method that deeply engrains A-list copywriting tactics into your skillset. Each lesson is structured as a “round,” starting simply and progressively introducing more advanced techniques used by industry legends.

What You’ll Master: Round Highlights

“Impossible” Bullets (Round 8): Learn the art of creating bullets that are believable yet irresistibly compelling.

Problem Mechanism (Round 10): Transform skeptical readers into eager buyers by mastering the “problem mechanism.”

Gary Halbert’s “Sex Expert” Trick (Round 11): Amplify desire and believability in your copy using this renowned technique.

30-Second Bullet Tease (Round 9): Become proficient in crafting brief yet highly effective bullet points.

Master Persuader Bullets (Round 18): Discover the elements that differentiate master persuaders from average copywriters.

Instant Response Magic Words (Round 14): Employ specific words that trigger immediate responses from readers.

Short-Circuit Logic (Round 12): Learn how to bypass logical thinking, prompting immediate buying decisions.

Irresistible Intrigue (Round 6): Use an 8-letter technique to make your copy deeply intriguing.

Sexy Bullet-Writing Technique (Round 19): Stand out with a unique bullet-writing style that grabs attention.

Ethical Intrigue with Facts (Round 17): Stir curiosity with cleverly used facts and figures.

Real-World Demonstrations

The course includes live demos where these A-list techniques are applied to various types of copy, including headlines, body copy, and emails. These real-world examples solidify your learning and show you how to implement techniques in actual copywriting tasks.

The Copy Riddles Method: Experiential Learning

Copy Riddles goes beyond traditional teaching methods. Each technique is presented as a riddle, challenging you to craft compelling bullets. After your attempt, you’re shown how an A-list copywriter would solve it, revealing the technique used. This method ensures that you not only learn but internalize each tactic.

Why Enroll in Copy Riddles?

  • Practical Application: Each round offers hands-on practice, ensuring these skills become an intrinsic part of your copywriting arsenal.
  • Real-World Relevance: Directly apply your skills to marketing campaigns or freelance projects, enhancing their effectiveness and potentially increasing revenue.
  • Evergreen and Accessible: Access the course anytime, anywhere, with a one-time investment that promises lifelong returns.
  • Transformative Experience: By mastering these techniques, you differentiate yourself in the market, opening doors to higher earnings and advanced career opportunities.
  • Suitable for All Levels: Copy Riddles is crafted for everyone from beginners to experienced copywriters, offering immense value through active learning.

Enroll Today

Step into the world of professional copywriting with John Bejakovic’s Copy Riddles course. Whether you’re looking to enhance your freelance portfolio or elevate your marketing campaigns, this course is your ticket to becoming an A-list copywriter.

Don’t just write copy; craft compelling narratives that sell. Enroll in Copy Riddles now and begin your journey to copywriting mastery!