John Logar – Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program


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John Logar – Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program


John Logar - Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program


Introducing the Champions Fast Track Program by John Logar – Your Ultimate Path to Consistent Client Acquisition!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to building a thriving consulting or digital marketing agency? Join us for an 8-week journey that will transform your business and your life.

What You Get:

1. 8 Weeks of Live Group Coaching (2 Work & Action Sessions/week): Dive deep into the world of consulting with John Logar himself. With 2 work and action sessions per week, you’ll implement strategies in real-time, guided by John, to engage prospects effectively.

2. Done-With-You Authority Building Process: Learn the art of building authority in your niche. John provides you with a proven posting sequence and indoctrination process, making it easier for prospects to accept your invitation to work with them.

3. 1 Foot-In-The-Door Offer: John will create a compelling foot-in-the-door offer for you, helping you generate new paying clients effortlessly.

4. Done-With-You Direct Outreach Sequence: Craft winning outreach campaigns that start meaningful conversations with prospects and leads under John’s expert guidance.

5. Software To Generate 700 Prospects: Gain access to cutting-edge software that generates 700 connections with prospects, giving you a substantial pool of potential clients to tap into.

6. 200 Targeted Leads In Your Niche: John goes the extra mile by providing you with 200 targeted leads in your niche, including owner names, verified business email addresses, and phone numbers for efficient follow-ups.

7. Qualifying Script For Prospects: Save time and effort by using John’s prospect qualifying script to focus on prospects who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

8. BONUS: Champions Fast Track Training Portal + Tools, Pitch Decks & Resources: Access an exclusive treasure trove of tools and resources, including tested email templates, sales agreements, training videos, a rolodex of white-label partners, email marketing and referral campaigns, pitch decks that have closed millions of dollars in clients, and a fully designed appointment funnel template to book more sales appointments.

9. BONUS: 6-Part Sales Process Blueprint: Elevate your sales game with John’s 6-Part Sales Process Blueprint, a core training that lays the foundation for effective consulting and digital marketing agency growth.

10. BONUS: Consulting Unleashed Masterclass Part 1 & Part 2: Delve into advanced high-value consulting strategies with exclusive access to John’s Masterclass recordings.

Join the Consulting Champions Fast Track program and experience live, real-world learning and implementation. John Logar will guide you through strategies that guarantee a predictable process for acquiring clients on demand.

Our goal is simple: Get you more clients and boost your income by at least an extra $10,000 to $15,000 per month. No complex ads, funnels, or tech required. All you need is your phone.

Key Points :

1. Delivery Confidence: Define your core service, target market, and the transformation you offer to clients.

2. Offer Design: Collaboratively design an irresistible offer that’s profitable for you and irresistible for your prospects.

3. Core Service & MVS: Implement your core service and minimum viable service for efficient delivery and marketing.

4. Daily Prospect Connections: Connect with 50 ideal prospects daily using a simple software tool, building your client pool.

5. Self-Filling Pipeline: Create 15 offer posts that turn connections into prospects, ensuring a continuous flow of leads.

6. Engagement to Conversations: Convert comments into dialogues, kickstarting your sales process.

7. Sell by Chat Setup: Use Sell By Chat to turn comments into booked appointments, regardless of the platform.

8. Qualifying and Disqualifying: Efficiently identify prospects who are the right fit for your services.

9. 5 Step Strategy Session: Enroll new clients with a straightforward 5-step process, making conversions easy.

The Champions Fast Track program is your ticket to success. We focus on solving the biggest challenges faced by consulting businesses: offer clarity, lack of leads, and sales discomfort.

Are you ready to step up and join the Champions Fast Track team? We’re committed to creating real results for you. Each week, we’ll tackle a specific client-getting strategy and brainstorm its application to your business. Plus, you’ll receive one-on-one guidance from John himself.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your consulting game and take your business to new heights. Join us now and let’s start building your path to consistent client acquisition. Your success awaits!