Jon Logar – Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program

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Jon Logar – Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program


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Jon Logar’s Consulting Unleashed, The Champions Fast Track Program, is an intensive 8-week coaching journey designed to revolutionize how entrepreneurs and digital marketers approach client acquisition and business growth. Spearheaded by Jon Logar, a seasoned business coach with a track record of driving entrepreneurs and business owners towards achieving their ambitions, this program is a beacon for those aspiring to elevate their consulting or digital marketing ventures to unprecedented heights.

Eight Weeks of Transformational Coaching

At the heart of the Champions Fast Track course lies an 8-week live group coaching odyssey featuring two weekly work and action sessions. Under Jon Logar’s expert guidance, participants are immersed in a hands-on environment, enabling them to refine their strategies and engage with prospects in real time. This immersive approach ensures that every entrepreneur remains aligned with their growth trajectory and fully engaged with potential clients.

Authority Building and Client Acquisition

A standout feature of the program is the done-with-you authority-building process, where participants receive a posting sequence and indoctrination process tailored to elevate their authority, making it effortless for prospects to welcome collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, the program offers a unique foot-in-the-door offer creation designed to attract new paying clients and a bespoke direct outreach sequence to initiate meaningful conversations with leads.

Prospect Generation and Qualification

In an era where connection is critical, the program provides access to software capable of generating 700 prospects alongside an exclusive provision of 200 targeted leads within the participant’s niche, complete with verified contact information. This arsenal ensures a steady stream of potential clients. Additionally, a specially crafted qualifying script for prospects ensures that participants focus on the most promising opportunities.

Comprehensive Resource Library

Participants gain access to the Champions Fast Track Training Portal, a treasure trove of resources including tested email templates, sales agreements, training videos, a Rolodex of white-label partners, and much more. These tools are designed to streamline the lead generation process and enhance the sales journey, from the initial outreach to closing deals.

Sales Mastery and Advanced Strategies

The program doesn’t stop at lead generation; it deepens into sales mastery with a 6-Part Sales Process Blueprint and access to Jon Logar’s Consulting Unleashed Masterclass Parts 1 & 2. These additional resources provide advanced strategies for high-value consulting, ensuring participants can effectively convert prospects into loyal clients.

Real-world application and Community Support

Jon Logar’s approach is grounded in real-world application, preferring practical scenarios over theoretical knowledge. This hands-on methodology is complemented by a community of like-minded individuals, fostering an environment of mutual support and collaboration. Participants learn not only from Logar but also from the collective wisdom of the group, enhancing their learning experience.

The Champions Fast Track Outcome

The ultimate goal of Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program is clear: to equip participants with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to consistently acquire clients and generate a significant increase in monthly revenue. By addressing common challenges such as offer clarity, lead generation, and sales discomfort, Jon Logar ensures that every participant is poised for success.

Invitation to Transform Your Business

Jon Logar extends a personal invitation to those ready to commit to this transformative journey. With a focus on action and real-time implementation, the Champions Fast Track is not just a course but a growth partnership. Participants are encouraged to dedicate time and effort to reap the maximum benefits from this comprehensive program.

In conclusion, Jon Logar’s Consulting Unleashed The Champions Fast Track Program is a pivotal turning point for consultants and digital marketers seeking to establish a consistent client acquisition process. 

With its blend of live coaching, practical tools, and a community of ambitious entrepreneurs, this program is the key to unlocking a future filled with freedom, meaning, and profit in consulting and digital marketing.