Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery

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Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery





Embark on a transformative journey into digital analytics with Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery, a comprehensive course designed to unlock the secrets of effectively tracking and leveraging website interactions. This invaluable asset for marketers, website owners, and analysts delves deep into the world of custom events, transforming your digital strategy with Jon Loomer’s expertise.

Course Overview

Jon Loomer’s Custom Event Mastery course offers an in-depth exploration of custom events in digital marketing. It provides a robust understanding of the basics, practical approaches to creating bespoke events, and advanced techniques for leveraging these events to optimize your digital strategies.

Course Content

Understanding Custom Events: Learn the basics of custom events and their significance in digital marketing. Set up Google Tag Manager and the base pixel, and determine the suitable events for your needs.

Creating Custom Events: Master tracking user interactions, including link clicks, time spent on a page, and scroll depth. Tackle complex scenarios like tracking referral events and YouTube video engagement.

Harnessing Custom Events: Explore using custom events for in-depth reporting, creating custom metrics, and optimizing digital strategies based on user data.

Advanced Techniques and Strategies: Dive into sophisticated techniques, including setting parameters and custom conversions, to gain detailed insights and make data-driven decisions.

Custom Events for Targeting and Optimization: Learn to leverage data from custom events to refine marketing strategies, enhance user experience, and improve conversion rates.

Transform Your Approach to Digital Analytics

Enrol in Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery to gain a competitive edge in digital analytics. This course enhances your skill set, deepens your understanding of user behaviour, and applies these insights to drive digital success.

Enrol Today and Master Custom Events

Enrol in Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery today and redefine your digital strategy. Embrace the mastery of custom events and enhance your digital marketing efforts.


Jon Loomer – Custom Event Mastery is an essential course for anyone looking to excel in digital analytics, particularly custom event tracking. Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to update your skills, this course offers the insights and strategies necessary to navigate and thrive in the competitive world of digital marketing. Enrol now and take the first step towards a lucrative and fulfilling career in digital analytics.