Jon Penberthy – Course Launch Bootcamp

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Jon Penberthy – Course Launch Bootcamp


Unlock the Power of Course Creation with Jon Penberthy’s Course Launch Bootcamp. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in 2021? Join us for an exclusive new LIVE training experience with Jon Penberthy and discover the ‘Hands-Free’ ‘3-Step Blueprint’ for creating your digital course and scaling it to 50-100 sales per month. Whether you have a following, have faced challenging launches, or are relatively unknown in the digital landscape, success is within your reach!

What You’ll Learn in This Masterclass

PART 1: Packaging Your Expertise for Profit

Learn the art of packaging your knowledge and expertise into a highly profitable online course that can be priced at hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Unleash the potential of your insights and craft a course that transforms lives and enriches your own.

PART 2: The Unique Scaling Strategy

Discover our unique and proven strategy for scaling courses from ground zero to a remarkable $10,000 a month in less than 14 days. Say goodbye to slow and uncertain growth and embrace a rapid ascent to success.

PART 3: Avoiding Critical Course Mistakes

Uncover the three critical mistakes that most course creators unknowingly make. These pitfalls can sabotage your course’s potential for success. You’ll set yourself up for a thriving course journey by identifying and avoiding them.

PART 4: The Hands-Free Sales Approach

Imagine selling your course effortlessly, even while you’re asleep. Learn the secrets of selling your new course completely hands-free. With this technique, you’ll witness sales rolling in without constant monitoring.

Meet Jon Penberthy: Your Guide to Success

Jon Penberthy, a distinguished marketer from England, is your guide on this journey to course creation and scaling. While he has generated significant income through affiliate marketing and lead generation, his courses have become a cornerstone of his success. With a talent for captivating audiences, Jon draws substantial crowds to his seminars.

Jon maintains a degree of mystique about his personal life, preferring to keep his endeavours under wraps. However, his impact is undeniable. He boasts a YouTube account with approximately 4,000 subscribers, showcasing his expertise and insights.

Jon’s commitment to growth is evident through his participation in various courses. His track record suggests a deep understanding of selling and course creation.

Are you ready to plunge into the world of course creation and sales? Jon Penberthy’s Course Launch Bootcamp is your gateway to success in 2021 and beyond. Join us for this exclusive training and start your journey towards creating a profitable digital course and achieving unprecedented sales milestones. Don’t miss out—enrol now and transform your digital presence!