Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

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Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program


Embark on a transformative journey into financial copywriting with the Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program. This comprehensive and in-depth course is meticulously crafted to equip aspiring and experienced copywriters with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the lucrative field of financial copywriting. Whether new to the industry or looking to refine your expertise, this program offers a rich blend of practical skills and industry insights to help you excel.

Course Overview

The course unfolds over several detailed and informative lessons, each designed to provide a thorough understanding of various aspects of financial copywriting. With Joshua Lee Henry’s guidance, you will explore the vast opportunities in the financial industry and learn how to capitalize on them, even without prior financial expertise.

Course Structure

Lesson 1: The Secret Side Door to Financial Copywriting

    • Discover why financial copywriting is a lucrative field and how to enter it.
    • Learn about the Agora Hierarchy and its publishing funnel.
    • Understand the misconceptions about financial publishing and how the buyer avatar is evolving.

Lesson 2: How to Write A Million-Dollar Promo

    • Dive into what makes financial promos successful.
    • Analyze examples of top-performing promotions.
    • Understand how to create a financial promotion from start to finish.

Lesson 3: Turning Research Into Riches

    • Master effective research methods used by top copywriters.
    • Learn to turn data and facts into compelling copy benefits.
    • Understand the importance of storytelling in financial copywriting.

Lesson 4: Creating Great Leads and Hooks

    • Discover the importance of leads and hooks in financial copy.
    • Learn techniques for writing visually compelling copy.
    • Find out how to supercharge your big ideas.

Lesson 5: Compliance and the FTC

    • Navigate the dos and don’ts of compliant financial copywriting.
    • Learn how to work effectively with legal teams and make compliance an advantage.

Lesson 6: Breaking Into the Industry

    • Get practical advice on how to get hired and break into the financial copywriting industry.
    • Learn effective networking and job application strategies.

Lesson 7: Advanced Financial Copywriting Training

    • Explore advanced tactics for recession-proofing your financial copywriting career.
    • Learn how to stay successful in various market conditions.

Bonus Lesson 8: Financial Copywriting Experts Panel

  • Gain insights from a panel of female financial copywriting professionals.
  • Hear their experiences and strategies for success in the competitive financial copywriting field.

Transform Your Copywriting Career

Enrol in the Joshua Lee Henry: World of Financial Copywriting Training Program and embark on a journey to mastering financial copywriting. This course offers a comprehensive approach to learning the ropes of this specialized field, combining practical skills with industry insights. Join now and start your path to becoming a skilled financial copywriter, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic industry.