Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course

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Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course


Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course


Unveil the Secrets of Web Design with Kattie Harrington’s Showit-All Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of web design with the comprehensive Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course. This meticulously structured course is a treasure trove for aspiring web designers and entrepreneurs, offering in-depth knowledge and practical skills in using Showit, the revolutionary web design platform. With Kattie Harrington’s expert guidance, unlock the potential to create stunning, responsive websites that captivate audiences.

Part One: Showit 101 – Laying the Foundation

Begin your adventure with Showit 101, the perfect introduction to the world of web design. This segment offers a warm welcome and a crystal-clear roadmap, helping you visualize your journey ahead. Discover the essentials of Showit, from understanding different subscription tiers to choosing the suitable template for your project. You’ll also demystify the concept of a Share Key, setting a solid foundation for your web design prowess.

Part Two: The Showit Expert – Mastering the Craft

Elevate your skills to professional heights in The Showit Expert. This section is designed to transform you from a novice to a Showit maestro. Through situational tutorials, you’ll learn to tackle various design challenges with confidence. Say goodbye to unforeseen difficulties and hello to seamless, expert-level web designing.

Part Three: Your Showit Design Business – Path to Success

Your Showit Design Business is where your journey turns entrepreneurial. This part of the course is dedicated to setting up your web design business for success. It includes invaluable insights into purchasing domain names, utilizing Google Workspace for organization, and selecting the best CRM for a professional client experience. You’ll also gain access to essential resources for Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, and Contracts.

Exclusive Access: CSS Code Snippet Library

Gain exclusive access to our CSS Code Snippet Library, a goldmine for any web designer. This library includes a variety of code snippets like the Typewriter Effect, Countdown Timer, Spinning Graphic, Scroll on Hover, and Marquee Scrolling. These tools empower you to add unique, engaging elements to your web designs, setting your work apart.

Live Bonus Trainings: Learn from Online Space Experts

The course offers live bonus training from seasoned experts in the online space. These sessions cover various topics crucial for a thriving web design business.

  • Creating Client Training Videos Worth The Watch: Learn the art of creating compelling tutorial videos for your clients. This skill is essential for empowering clients to update their sites independently, adding immense value to your services.
  • Streamlining Your Systems: Dive into the world of business efficiency. Learn how to develop standard operating procedures that empower your team, streamline your processes, and facilitate easy scaling of your business.

Enrol Today and Transform Your Web Design Career

Join the Kattie Harrington – Showit-All Course today and embark on a journey to mastering web design and building a successful business. With Kattie Harrington as your guide, the path to becoming a Showit expert and a successful entrepreneur is more apparent than ever. 

Enrol now and start creating web designs that dazzle and delight!