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Kyle Milligan – Copy Squad Lite


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Embark on a transformative journey to copywriting excellence with Kyle Milligan’s Copy Squad Lite. This comprehensive course offers a unique blend of live classes, an extensive class library, exclusive swipe files, and deep-dive copy breakdowns designed to elevate your skills and position you as a leading copywriter in the competitive market.

Comprehensive Copywriting Course

Copy Squad Lite goes beyond the basics, offering a holistic approach to mastering copywriting. This program covers every aspect of copywriting, from crafting compelling headlines to creating persuasive body copy and irresistible offers. It’s tailored to empower aspiring and experienced copywriters with the tools and techniques needed to excel in this field.

Live Copy Squad Classes

Membership grants you access to every LIVE Copy Squad class, where Kyle Milligan himself covers a wide range of topics. These live sessions keep you abreast of the latest copywriting trends and strategies, allowing real-time participation and learning. Topics range from headlines, landing pages, and email training to the detailed Beats of a Sales Letter, ensuring you’re well-versed in every facet of copywriting.

Extensive Class Library

Your journey with Copy Squad Lite includes unlimited access to a treasure trove of live class recordings. This extensive library, augmented with future classes and bonus training sessions, becomes your ultimate resource for copywriting mastery. You’re set to unparalleled success with contributions from industry experts like John Rhodes on Pro Email Training and Justin Blackman on Headlines on Command.

Kyle Milligan’s Swipe File and Notes

Gain exclusive access to Kyle Milligan’s swipe file and notes. This treasure chest of million-dollar sales letters, meticulously broken down during Copy Squad Inner Circle sessions, gives you a golden opportunity to learn from the best. By analyzing these letters, you’ll discover the practical tools and tactics that can be applied to your copy, enhancing its persuasiveness and impact.

The Secret Sauce: Breaking Down Copy

The cornerstone of Copy Squad Lite is the emphasis on breaking down copy—a technique revered by copywriting legends. This method demystifies the success behind blockbuster sales letters, offering clean and marked-up PDFs for your study. This invaluable resource aids in uncovering the secrets of compelling copy, enabling you to replicate this success in your projects.

Unlock the Language of Copy

Immerse yourself in the language of copy with Copy Squad Lite. Understand foundational concepts like NESB and the intricate Beats of a Sales Letter. The comprehensive resources provided empower you with the knowledge and insight to excel in the dynamic world of copywriting.


Kyle Milligan’s Copy Squad Lite is an unmatched copywriting course that offers live instruction, a rich library of resources, exclusive access to swipe files, and the proven practice of breaking down successful sales letters. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills or carve out a niche in copywriting, this program is your gateway to becoming a better, faster, and more successful writer. 

Enrol today and transform your copywriting career with the guidance and expertise of Kyle Milligan and the Copy Squad Lite community.