Mike Sherrard – Social Agent Academy 3.0

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Mike Sherrard – Social Agent Academy 3.0

Mike Sherrard – Social Agent Academy 3.0


Transform Your Real Estate Marketing with Mike Sherrard’s Social Agent Academy 3.0

Step into the realm of cutting-edge real estate marketing with Mike Sherrard’s Social Agent Academy 3.0. This revolutionary program is tailored to skyrocket your lead generation, elevate your brand, and position you as a dominant player in your market. The course blends Ninja Lead Gen Paid Ads Programs and Magnetic Leads Accelerator Programs, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and strategies for modern real estate professionals.

Course Breakdown:

Personal Branding Accelerator (3 Days): Uncover the secrets to building a compelling personal brand. Learn to showcase your expertise, connect with your target audience, and set yourself apart in the competitive marketplace.

YouTube Accelerator (5 Days): Harness the power of YouTube for lead generation and visibility. Set up, optimize, and launch your channel, and post your first video in just five days, leveraging video marketing to expand your reach significantly.

TikTok Accelerator (5 Days): Tap into the viral potential of TikTok. Learn to create and optimize your TikTok account and produce your first TikTok video, tapping into a fresh pool of prospective clients.

Instagram Accelerator (5 Days): Master Instagram’s visual storytelling prowess. Develop and enhance your Instagram account, and create and publish your first Instagram Reel, engaging your audience with compelling visual content.

Ninja Lead Gen Paid Ads Programs:

Facebook & Instagram Ads Post-iOS Changes: Navigate the evolving landscape of Facebook and Instagram ads. Create effective advertisements that generate leads and drive conversions despite privacy regulations and iOS updates.

Google Ads for Consistent High-Quality Leads: Unlock the potential of Google PPC ads. Learn keyword research, ad creation, and optimization to ensure a steady flow of high-quality leads every month.

YouTube Ads for Local Buyers & Sellers: Target local buyers and sellers ready to make immediate decisions using YouTube ads. Learn to create engaging video commercials and target the right audience.

TikTok Ads for Early Adopters: Gain a massive competitive edge by being one of the first real estate agents to leverage TikTok ads. Reach a new audience and stand out in an emerging platform.

Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing Game

Enroll in Mike Sherrard’s Social Agent Academy 3.0 and embark on a transformative journey in real estate marketing. With this course, you are not just learning; you are evolving into a more effective, influential, and successful real estate professional.

Join Today for Unparalleled Growth in Real Estate

Leap with Social Agent Academy 3.0 and witness a remarkable transformation in your approach to real estate marketing. Enroll now and start leveraging the power of digital platforms to redefine success in your real estate career.