MindValley – Lee Holden -Modern QiGong

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MindValley – Lee Holden -Modern QiGong




Embark on a transformative journey to vitality with MindValley’s Lee Holden in the Modern QiGong program, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary practice in cultivating life energy. This comprehensive course, led by renowned QiGong master Lee Holden, is designed to introduce you to the influential Chinese practice of QiGong through Mindvalley’s innovative platform, which is famous for its pioneering personal development courses.

Revitalize Your Energy with Modern QiGong

Modern QiGong offers a fresh take on the traditional practice, making it accessible and relevant for today’s practitioners. The program is structured around the core principles of QiGong, focusing on mindful movements, breathwork, and meditative practices to harness and enhance your vital life energy, or Qi.

Key Components :

Dive deep into the essence of QiGong with:

Mindful Breathwork: Learn to control and enhance your Qi flow through targeted breathing exercises, a fundamental aspect of QiGong practice.

Harmonious Movements: Engage in gentle, flowing movements designed to improve balance, flexibility, and energy circulation throughout your body.

Meditative Practices: Explore meditative techniques to foster a deeper connection between your mind and body, promoting mental clarity and inner peace.

Experience QiGong on Mindvalley’s Platform

Lee Holden’s Modern QiGong program is hosted on Mindvalley, a platform celebrated for transforming ancient practices into engaging, accessible online learning experiences. This collaboration ensures that the timeless wisdom of QiGong is presented in a format that resonates with a global audience, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Transformative Benefits for Everyday Life

Modern QiGong not only teaches you the techniques of QiGong but also delves into its numerous benefits, including:

  • Stress Reduction: Experience significant relief from stress and anxiety through regular QiGong practice.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Notice improvements in your physical health, mental clarity, and overall vitality.
  • Holistic Harmony: Cultivate a harmonious balance between your physical body and mental state, leading to improved quality of life.

Learn from a QiGong Master

With his extensive experience and deep understanding of QiGong, Lee Holden serves as your guide on this journey. His expertise bridges the gap between traditional QiGong and modern wellness needs, making the practice authentic and applicable to contemporary lifestyles.


Modern QiGong by Lee Holden on Mindvalley is more than just a course; it’s a path to rejuvenation, well-being, and a deeper understanding of your body’s energy. This program invites you to explore the rich traditions of QiGong, reimagined for the modern world, and to embrace a practice that enhances vitality, reduces stress, and promotes a harmonious balance in your life.

Join MindValley’s Modern QiGong with Lee Holden and discover the rejuvenating power of QiGong tailored for the modern era. This is your opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom, revitalize your energy, and embark on a journey to holistic health. Enrol now and begin your transformation with the art of QiGong.