Nial Fuller – Price Action Forex Trading Course

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Nial Fuller – Price Action Forex Trading Course


Nial Fuller – Price Action Forex Trading Course


Nial Fuller’s Price Action Forex Trading Course is a comprehensive and expertly designed program led by one of the most respected figures in the trading world. With over 20 years of experience, Nial Fuller has established himself as a leading authority in price action trading, guiding over 25,000 students and amassing a following of 250,000 enthusiasts. His course is a culmination of his vast experience and success, including his remarkable victory in the Million Dollar Trader Competition.

Course Highlights 

End-of-Day Trading Strategy: Nial’s course focuses on an ‘End-of-day trading approach, allowing traders to make informed decisions without needing constant chart monitoring. This strategy is ideal for those seeking a balanced trading routine.

Simplicity and Clarity: The course emphasizes price action trading, steering clear of complex indicators. This approach simplifies the trading process, making it accessible and understandable for traders at all levels.

Chart Reading and Market Understanding: Participants will learn to read charts effectively and understand market contexts, crucial skills for successful trading.

Low-Frequency Trading Philosophy: Nial advocates for low-frequency trading, which helps reduce overtrading and preserve trading capital.

Advanced Money Management: The course covers advanced money management techniques, focusing on low-risk and high-reward setups to enhance portfolio resilience.

Proprietary Trading Strategies: Nial shares his proprietary trading strategies that have been honed over his 20+ year career, offering invaluable insights into successful trading practices.

Direct Mentorship: Enrolled students get the unique opportunity to communicate directly with Nial Fuller, gaining mentorship from a seasoned professional.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The course covers a wide range of topics, ensuring a thorough understanding of price action trading:

  • Techniques for trading pin bars, fakey setups, and inside bar breakouts.
  • Strategies for handling retracements and second-chance entries.
  • Skills in trading false breakouts and understanding long-tailed bars.
  • Advanced chart reading techniques and market context analysis.
  • Exploration of mean reversion and trend trading.
  • Detailed entry techniques for various time frames.
  • Understanding of trading confluence and the T.L.S. trading plan.
  • Insights into ‘Event Areas’ and effective trading approaches.
  • Advanced money management and trading psychology.
  • Essential trading tools and trend mapping techniques.
  • Application of the A.T.R. tool for stop placement.
  • Development of a professional trading plan.
  • Pyramid strategy for scaling into winning trades.

Transformative Learning Experience

Nial Fuller’s course is more than just a set of lessons; it’s a transformative experience that equips traders with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Participants will emerge from the course ready to navigate the financial markets with confidence, backed by the integrity and expertise of Nial Fuller. 

This course is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to elevate their trading career, offering a unique blend of experience, expertise, and mentorship.