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No BS Day Trading Webinar 2016 and Starter Course


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The No BS Day Trading Webinar 2016 and Starter Course presents a unique blend of foundational knowledge and advanced insights tailored for individuals eager to master the fast-paced world of day trading. This combination of webinar and course offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip aspiring and seasoned traders with the tools, strategies, and mindset required to navigate the complexities of financial markets successfully.

Webinar Highlights:

The 2016 webinar was a pivotal resource, providing attendees an in-depth exploration of day trading essentials. Experienced professionals covered various topics, from market analysis to risk management, and shared valuable insights through real-life case studies. This practical approach ensured that participants could apply their newfound knowledge effectively in the dynamic trading environment.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

A core objective of the webinar was to instil a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to day trading. Participants were equipped with the skills to identify market patterns, utilize indicators efficiently, and develop robust trading plans tailored to their risk appetite. The emphasis on risk management was particularly significant, highlighting strategies to protect capital and thrive even in volatile market conditions.

Starter Course Fundamentals:

The Starter Course was meticulously crafted to provide novice traders with a solid foundation in day trading principles. Starting with an overview of financial markets and trading technologies, the course progressed to technical analysis, offering insights into chart patterns, trend analysis, and key trading indicators.

Hands-On Learning Experience:

An innovative aspect of the Starter Course included hands-on trading simulations. This practical component allowed beginners to practice trade execution within a simulated environment, fostering a deeper understanding of market dynamics and building confidence without the risk of financial loss.

Risk Management Mastery:

The course strongly emphasised risk management, teaching participants how to establish effective stop-loss orders, manage position sizing, and evaluate risk-reward ratios. This focus was pivotal in cultivating disciplined trading habits and ensuring long-term sustainability in the trading journey.

Seamless Integration of Webinar and Course:

Integrating insights from the 2016 webinar with the foundational elements of the Starter Course created a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience. This synergy allowed participants to build on their basic knowledge with more advanced strategies, offering a well-rounded education in day trading.


The No BS Day Trading Webinar 2016 and Starter Course are a testament to the commitment to providing traders with a thorough education in the art and science of day trading. By combining fundamental teachings with strategic insights from seasoned experts, this program offers an invaluable toolkit for anyone looking to excel in the day trading domain.

Whether you’re just starting or seeking to enhance your trading understanding, this course and webinar duo are poised to guide you towards achieving your trading aspirations in the ever-evolving financial markets.