On-Screen Authority – The Online Course


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On-Screen Authority – The Online Course


On-Screen Authority - The Online Course


Transform Your Digital Presence with On-Screen Authority – The Online Course


On-Screen Authority – The Online Course is a meticulously designed program for professionals, entrepreneurs, and content creators aiming to enhance their digital presence. This course empowers you with the skills to create professional-quality videos, master persuasive communication, and effectively leverage various digital platforms for marketing and sales.

Key Elements:

Technical Mastery: The course provides in-depth guidance on selecting the right equipment, including cameras, lenses, and audio devices, ensuring high-quality video and audio production.

Visual Composition & Lighting: Learn to create and compose your filming space with optimal lighting, which is essential for creating visually appealing and professional videos.

Software & Control: Explore critical computer software for video control and monitoring, enhancing your ability to produce top-notch digital content.

Presentation Skills: Enhance your on-screen presence with training in presentation skills, which are crucial for persuasion, rapport-building, and impactful communication.

Editing & Marketing: Develop skills in video editing specifically for marketing and sales, including access to easy-to-use editing templates.

Community Support: Access the OSA Support Group for ongoing advice, feedback, and networking opportunities.

Monetization Strategies: Learn monetization techniques through an affiliate program and insights into creating successful webinars and YouTube ads.

Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Podcast Setup: A simple guide to starting your podcast and expanding your digital footprint.
  • Webinar Funnel Insights: Discover the strategies behind a successful auto-webinar funnel.
  • YouTube Advertising: Learn how to create compelling YouTube ads to boost your digital marketing efforts.

Course Outcome:

By enrolling in On-Screen Authority – The Online Course, you gain technical know-how and the skills to effectively communicate and market yourself or your business digitally.


On-Screen Authority – The Online Course offers a unique opportunity to master digital communication and production, setting you apart in the competitive digital landscape. Embrace this chance to enhance your skills and make a lasting impact with your online presence.