Pollinate Trading – Equities Earnings Strategy

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Pollinate Trading – Equities Earnings Strategy


Pollinate Trading – Equities Earnings Strategy


Introducing Pollinate Trading’s Equities Earnings Strategy Course, a revolutionary approach to navigating the stock market’s high-stakes world of earnings season. This course transforms how you trade during earnings season, moving you away from the same old risky trades and positioning you for high-probability wins.

Strategize for Success During Earnings Season

The Equities Earnings Strategy Course is specifically tailored for those looking to be in the right stocks with a high likelihood of producing winners when earnings are announced. This strategy focuses on enabling you to capitalize on price rips that often occur even before earnings announcements, setting you apart from the conventional and high-risk earnings trades proliferating on TV and social media.

Course Structure 

Full Rules-Based System: This course’s core is a comprehensive, rules-based system. This system provides a structured approach to trading during earnings season, taking the guesswork out of your trading decisions.

Extensive Video Content: The course includes over ten videos thoroughly explaining the strategy and its edge cases. These videos are designed to give you a deep understanding of effectively implementing the strategy.

Quantitative Spreadsheet Tool: The quantitative spreadsheet provided is a major highlight of the course. This tool helps you filter down the universe of stocks to the most attractive ones for earnings season trading.

Transform Your Trading Approach

Pollinate Trading’s Equities Earnings Strategy Course is more than just an instructional program; it’s a paradigm shift in earnings season trading. The course is designed to keep you out of high-risk, low-reward trades and, instead, positions you in more profitable trades.

Earnings Season Focused

A unique aspect of this course is its intense focus on the earnings season, with 2-3 extremely busy weeks where most of the quarter’s gains are made. The strategy acknowledges that big profits are often made in just a few trades, even though 10-20 trades may be taken. This approach is grounded in the reality that it’s impossible to predict which trades will be the big winners, hence the strategy of taking them all.

Realistic and Practical Trading

The Equities Earnings Strategy Course stands out for its realistic approach to trading. It acknowledges that there will occasionally be losing seasons and home run seasons. This honesty sets realistic expectations for students, ensuring they are prepared for the various outcomes of earnings season trading.

An Alternative to Traditional Analysis

Instead of spending hours trying to guess the movements of big companies like Tesla or Apple through earnings reports, analyst insights, and media speculation, this course offers a more strategic and likely-to-succeed approach. It guides you in setting up for the most probable outcomes, saving time and increasing the chances of success.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer in Earnings Season Trading

Pollinate Trading’s Equities Earnings Strategy Course is a game-changer for traders looking to navigate earnings season successfully. This course doesn’t just teach you a strategy; it transforms your approach to earnings season, equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in this critical trading period.

Enrol in Pollinate Trading’s Equities Earnings Strategy Course today and take the first step towards mastering the art of earnings season trading. With this course, you will be equipped to face the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented during earnings season, setting you on a path to enhanced trading success.