Shae Matthews Presence Training


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Shae Matthews Presence Training


Shae Matthews Presence Training


Shae Matthews’ Presence Training is an immersive program designed to enhance individuals’ personal and professional influence through authentic presence. Led by the acclaimed communication and personal development expert Shae Matthews, this program is a deep dive into cultivating a magnetic, genuine, and influential presence.

Foundation in Authentic Confidence

At the core of Presence Training is the development of genuine confidence. Matthews emphasizes the significance of self-awareness and true self-acceptance, guiding participants to confidence that resonates from a profound connection with their inner strengths and values. This foundational aspect is crucial for establishing a presence that is both compelling and rooted in authenticity.

Advanced Communication Strategies

A pivotal focus of the training is on honing advanced communication skills. Beyond mere verbal and non-verbal cues, Matthews delves into conveying ideas with clarity and emotional resonance, ensuring participants can project a confident and engaging presence. This section transcends conventional communication training by weaving in authenticity and empathy, critical components of impactful interactions.

Body Language Mastery

Acknowledging the pivotal role of body language, Matthews explores its nuances in detail. From posture to gestures and facial expressions, participants learn to use their body language to underscore their verbal communication, ensuring consistency and enhancing their charismatic presence.

Mindset and Inner Game

Matthews emphasizes the mindset and inner game crucial to cultivating presence. The training includes mindfulness practices and techniques for reframing limiting beliefs and fostering a positive and empowering mental outlook essential for a robust and authentic presence.

Personal Branding and Image Enhancement

The program extends its reach into personal branding and image enhancement, offering strategies for aligning one’s external image with one’s authentic self. This includes guidance on wardrobe, grooming, and individual style, all tailored to enhance presence and leave a lasting, positive impression.

Impactful Public Speaking

Recognizing the importance of public speaking in establishing a presence, Matthews provides practical insights into speech delivery, audience engagement, and managing public speaking anxiety. This ensures participants are well-equipped to deliver memorable and impactful presentations.

Networking and Relationship Building

Matthews also addresses networking and relationship building, essential skills for expanding one’s presence beyond individual interactions. The training covers navigating social scenarios, fostering meaningful connections, and building a robust professional and personal network.

Emotional Intelligence Integration

Understanding the integral role of emotional intelligence in presence, the program incorporates fundamental emotional intelligence principles. This includes enhancing self-awareness, empathy, and social skills to deepen authentic connections with others.

Ongoing Support and Community Engagement

A unique aspect of Shae Matthews’ Presence Training is the emphasis on ongoing support and community engagement. Participants join a community of like-minded individuals, fostering an environment conducive to continuous growth, networking, and support.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Journey to Authentic Presence

Shae Matthews’ Presence Training is more than a program; it’s a comprehensive journey towards mastering the art of presence. Through a holistic approach that encompasses authentic confidence, advanced communication, body language mastery, mindset shaping, personal branding, public speaking, networking, emotional intelligence, and continuous community support, Matthews offers a transformative experience. 

This training is an invaluable resource for anyone committed to elevating their influence and making a lasting impact in their personal and professional lives.