Simpler Trading – Taylor’s The Big 3 Signals ELITE

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Simpler Trading – Taylor’s The Big 3 Signals ELITE


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Dive into strategic trading with Simpler Trading – Taylor’s The Big 3 Signals ELITE, a meticulously crafted course designed to revolutionize your trading approach. Led by the expertise of John F. Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, and presented by lead trader Taylor Conway, this course is an essential toolkit for traders aiming to navigate the complexities of the market with ease and precision.

Unveiling The Big 3 Signals

At the core of this transformative course are the Big 3 Signals, a trio of fundamental indicators that have consistently demonstrated their efficacy in the financial markets. With his profound trading acumen, Taylor Conway sheds light on these signals, offering a clear, simplified, and efficient pathway to trading success.

  • Relative Strength (RS): The course introduces Relative Strength as a pivotal metric for discerning the performance of stocks in comparison to the broader market or other securities. Emphasizing the identification of high RS stocks, the course equips traders with strategies to spot emerging trends and breakout opportunities, thereby enhancing decision-making with market context awareness.
  • Volume Analysis: Delving deep into volume indicators, the course elucidates the significance of volume in confirming trends and pinpointing potential reversals. Through comprehensive guidance on interpreting volume spikes and patterns, traders are empowered to back their decisions with insights into market conviction.
  • Option Flow Analysis: A unique addition to the trader’s toolkit, option flow analysis offers a window into the positions of institutional and significant traders, serving as a precursor to potential market movements. This segment demystifies option flow, making it an actionable tool in the trader’s decision-making arsenal.

Course Benefits: A Gateway to Trading Mastery

More straightforward Trading – Taylor’s The Big 3 Signals ELITE extends beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on the practical application of the Big 3 Signals in everyday trading. The course underscores risk management, teaching traders to leverage these signals for opportunity identification and meticulous risk control. Additionally, enrollees become part of Simpler Trading’s vibrant community, a platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and continuous learning, which significantly enriches the learning journey.


More straightforward Trading: Taylor’s The Big 3 Signals ELITE is an essential course for traders seeking to refine their strategy with a simplified yet profoundly effective approach to the market. By mastering the Big 3 Signals – Relative Strength, Volume Analysis, and Option Flow, traders have a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, enabling well-informed, strategic decision-making in the ever-evolving financial landscape. 

Enrol now and embark on your journey to trading mastery with the guidance of industry veterans and the support of an engaged trading community.