Simpler Trading – Triple Play Strategy

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Simpler Trading – Triple Play Strategy



Unveiling the Simpler Trading Triple Play Strategy: A Game-Changer in Trading

Course Overview:

Simpler Trading introduces Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy, a revolutionary course designed to empower traders to navigate and profit from market uncertainties. With over three decades of trading experience, Bruce has crafted a strategy that stands resilient in volatile markets, providing traders with two reliable trading options to maximize profits and minimize risks.

Course Insights:

Mastering Volatility with a Simple Setup:

    • Learn how to predict and harness market volatility effectively.
    • Discover a single setup that can adapt to various market conditions.

Strategic Adaptation to Market Trends:

    • Understand how to tailor your trading approach for bullish, neutral, or bearish markets.
    • Gain insights into adjusting your trading strategy to align with current market dynamics.

Risk Management and Market Alignment:

    • Learn to automatically adjust your risk levels to match market conditions.
    • Explore techniques for balancing risk and reward in uncertain markets.

Proven Track Record of Success:

    • Bruce’s strategy has consistently achieved double-digit annual returns for seven consecutive years.
    • Gain confidence in a strategy backed by a solid performance history.

Understanding a Theta-Friendly Strategy:

    • Delve into the concept of a ‘theta-friendly’ trading approach and its importance.
    • Discover why this strategy is crucial for long-term trading success.

Course Structure :

  • In-Depth Training:
  • Receive comprehensive guidance on the implementation of the Triple Play strategy.
  • Real-World Applications:
  • Learn through practical examples and real trading scenarios.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance:
  • Follow a structured approach to mastering the Triple Play strategy.
  • Interactive Learning:
  • Engage in an interactive course format that enhances understanding.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Traders are seeking to profit from market volatility.
  • Individuals are looking for reliable trading strategies in uncertain markets.
  • Traders aim to improve their risk management techniques.
  • Is anyone interested in learning from a seasoned trading expert?


The Simpler Trading Triple Play Strategy course is an unparalleled opportunity for traders to learn a robust and adaptable trading strategy from an experienced professional. With Bruce’s expert guidance, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle market volatility and achieve consistent trading success. 

Embrace this chance to transform your trading approach and join a community of successful traders.