The Cycles and The Codes – Myles Wilson

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The Cycles and The Codes – Myles Wilson

The Cycles and The Codes – Myles Wilson


The Cycles and The Codes by Myles Wilson-Walker is an exceptional program that delves deep into the world of financial and commodity market cycles, drawing inspiration from the legendary work of W.D. Gann. This course stands out for its comprehensive and insightful approach to understanding market cycles and codes, making it an invaluable resource for traders and cycle scholars.

At the heart of this program lies a detailed exploration of Gann relations, a concept pivotal in the realm of trading. Myles Wilson-Walker, with his profound expertise, guides participants through a step-by-step process to uncover various market cycles. These include not only the well-known ones but also lesser-known cycles such as Ray of Radium, Death Demon, and Marie the Angel of Mercy Tel-Talk. These cycles, previously known only to Gann himself, are revealed in this program, offering insights that surpass even Gann’s work.

The course is meticulously structured, catering to both experts and casual readers. It encompasses over 1000 pages of notes, ensuring that every aspect of Gann’s work is covered comprehensively. Topics range from Garden of Love and Gas Sleeping to Holy Mary and Express Sunshine, offering a diverse and in-depth understanding of market dynamics.

One of the unique features of The Cycles and The Codes is its coverage of daily/intraday tunnel cycles, codes, and real businesses. The program delves into how Gann forecasted occurrences, time, and pricing and explores market numerical codes. It also sheds light on positive and negative cycles, the law of vibration, the law of nature, and the mystery of 266. Additionally, the course provides insights into forecasting Gann vibrations for stocks and commodities, as well as Gann’s knowledge of future markets.

This program is the only one that presents The Tunnel Through the Air in straightforward and clear English, making it accessible to a broader audience. Participants can apply the best cycles used by W.D. Gann in his trading, gaining a practical edge in their market endeavors.

The Cycles and The Codes is more than just a course; it is a journey into the intricate world of market cycles and trading strategies. It is highly recommended for Gann traders and cycle scholars who wish to gain a deeper understanding of financial and commodity markets. By enrolling in this program, participants will unlock the secrets of market cycles and codes, equipping themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful trading.

In summary, Myles Wilson-Walker’s The Cycles and The Codes is a groundbreaking program that offers unparalleled insights into market cycles and Gann trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or new to the field, this course provides a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies to enhance your understanding of market dynamics and improve your trading skills.