TRADEPRO ACADEMY – Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course 2023

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TRADEPRO ACADEMY – Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course 2023



Elevate Your Day Trading Skills with TRADEPRO ACADEMY’s Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course 2023

Welcome to TRADEPRO ACADEMY’s Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course 2023, a comprehensive program meticulously designed for both aspiring and experienced day traders. This course is your ultimate guide to mastering the fast-paced world of futures day trading, offering a wealth of knowledge, techniques, and insights to excel in this dynamic field.

Course Overview: 

A Deep Dive into Futures Day Trading

Introduction to Futures (Lesson 1): Begin with an overview of futures trading, understanding its unique aspects and how it differs from other trading forms.

Market Structure Basics (Lesson 2): Grasp the foundational principles of market structure, crucial for developing advanced trading strategies.

Chart Types (Lesson 3): Learn about various trading charts and how to interpret them to make informed trading decisions.

Volume Principles (Lesson 4): Master the importance of trading volume and its impact on market movements.

Volume Profile / Auction Market Theory (Lesson 5): Delve into volume profile and auction market theory for a deeper insight into market dynamics.

Market Correlations (Lesson 6): Understand the interrelations between different markets and leverage this knowledge for strategic trading.

DOM & Order Types (Lesson 7): Explore the Depth of Market (DOM) and familiarize yourself with various order types in futures trading.

PRO Inventory Patterns (Lesson 8): Discover professional inventory patterns that provide an edge in trading.

Footprint Charts – Market Imbalances (Lesson 9): Learn to analyze footprint charts to identify market imbalances and high-quality entry points.

Delta Divergence (Lesson 10): Understand delta divergence and its application in predicting market movements.

Trading Zone Formation (Lesson 11): Identify and utilize trading zones for optimized trade entries and exits.

Risk Management Techniques (Lesson 12): Master risk management strategies to safeguard your capital and maximize profits.

Pullback and Breakout Strategies (Lessons 13 & 14): Acquire skills for trading pullbacks and capitalizing on market breakouts.

Fading Strategies (Lesson 15): Learn about fading in trading and its strategic applications.

Trade Exit Strategies (Lesson 16): Explore various methods for exiting trades effectively.

Account Scaling Plan & Routine (Lesson 17): Develop a plan for scaling your trading account and establish a consistent trading routine.

Exclusive Bonus:

Real-World Trade Examples & Demonstrations

  • Get hands-on with practical trade examples and demonstrations that solidify your understanding and application of the course material.

Three Pillars of Order Flow Trading:

Tracking Big Orders in the Book: Learn to read real-time order books to identify significant orders and predict future price movements.

Institutional Order Dynamics: Monitor new buy/sell orders being added or removed from the market to gauge strength and momentum.

Market Imbalances: Understand how market orders drive market movements and how imbalances can pinpoint high-quality entry points with precision.

Transform Your Trading Career

With the Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course 2023 from TRADEPRO ACADEMY, embark on a journey to becoming a proficient futures day trader. This course is your pathway to understanding the nuances of the market, developing strategic trading skills, and achieving financial success through day trading.

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