Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery


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Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery




Embark on a Transformative Trading Journey with the Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery Course

Discover the pinnacle of trading education with the Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery, a comprehensive and in-depth course crafted by the renowned Kam Dhadwar. This program transcends typical trading courses, offering a deep dive into Auction Market Theory and Market Profile Trading Strategies. It’s your structured pathway to mastering discretionary trading, designed to elevate your skills and understanding to new heights.

Course Overview: 

Advanced, Practical, and Transformative

This flagship online course, spanning over 26 hours of immersive training, covers a spectrum of topics from Advanced Auction Market Theory and volume Profile to Order Flow Trading Strategies. Crucially, it emphasizes cultivating a disciplined Trading Mindset, blending theory with practical examples for a transformative trading experience.

Modular Learning for Deep Understanding

The course content is structured into digestible modules, each ranging from 1-3 hours. This format ensures a deep and practical understanding of each concept, building a solid foundation and advancing your trading proficiency.

Course Modules:

Modules 1-3: Focus on becoming a trading value specialist, reading the market’s mind, and understanding the context in depth.

Modules 4-6: Delve into market and timeframe confluences, market harmonics and rotations, and mastering timing, execution, and order flow.

Modules 7-9: Guide you on effective trade management, specific pre-market analysis processes, and day trading strategies.

Modules 10-12: Train you in swing trading, scalping techniques, and constructing a robust business plan with financial forecasts.

Modules 13-16: Teach constructing a trading plan, tracking and journaling, building discipline & patience, and managing yourself in the moment.

Bonus Modules 17 & 18: Introduce meditation and mindfulness in trading and setting up charts and settings in MarketDelta\Investor RT.

More Than Just an Educational Platform

The Profile Trading Mastery course is not just a learning platform; it’s a catalyst for your successful future in the trading business. It equips you with the tools to understand the market’s rhythm and trade with precision, confidence, and success.

Your Journey to Mastering Trading Begins Here

Embrace this opportunity to soar high in the trading world with the Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery course. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, this course offers invaluable insights and skills to enhance your trading journey.

Enrol now and give your trading career a substantial boost. The journey to mastering the art of trading starts with the right education, and the Trading Framework – Profile Trading Mastery is your perfect companion.