TTW TradeFinder and Bookmap Course


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TTW TradeFinder and Bookmap Course


TTW TradeFinder and Bookmap Course

The TTW TradeFinder and Bookmap Course offer an unparalleled deep dive into the mechanics of financial markets, recorded in October 2021. This extensive, invitation-only seminar spans over 20 hours, meticulously crafted to provide participants with a profound understanding of market dynamics, particularly in liquid futures and stock markets. It reveals the significant impact institutions and major players have on price movements, equipping traders with the insights needed to navigate these influences.

Course Overview:

Market Mechanics and Auction Basics: The course begins with a foundational understanding of market mechanics, focusing on Auction Basics and their visualization in Bookmap™. It delves into the critical roles of liquidity and volume in the market’s dynamics, offering a fresh perspective on how these elements influence futures, stocks, and ETFs.

Strategies for Smart Trading: Participants are taught to decipher and adapt to the manoeuvres of smart money within the market. The course covers essential techniques to identify sweeps, volume spikes, absorption, and the complexities of hidden orders (Icebergs) within the order book, providing a comprehensive strategy for intelligent trading.

Integration of TTW-TradeFinder and Bookmap™: A significant portion of the seminar is dedicated to exploring the functionalities of TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap™. Participants learn to optimize settings for futures and stocks, enhancing trade execution precision. The seminar also covers liquidity strategies using TTW-TradeFinder, hidden liquidity dynamics, and the Price Dynamic Indicator.

Advanced Trading Strategies: The course elevates participants’ trading strategies by teaching them to spot big players through sweeps, volume spikes, exhaustion, and absorption. It also introduces strategies related to Business Done and rare yet lucrative Options Market Maker strategies, alongside understanding volatility and indices correlations.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Content: Over 20 hours of expertly curated content providing a deep understanding of market dynamics and trading strategies.

Expert Instruction: Led by Harlan Kilstein, bringing years of experience and insight into personal and professional transformation.

Practical Application: Focus on real-world application, ensuring participants can effectively implement learned strategies.

Dynamic Learning Environment: Interactive sessions designed to engage participants and foster a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

Community and Support: Access to a community of like-minded individuals for networking, support, and shared learning.


The TTW TradeFinder and Bookmap Course is a transformative learning experience for traders at any level, offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Through this comprehensive seminar, participants gain the tools and strategies to understand market behaviours deeply, identify and leverage opportunities presented by institutional movements, and optimize their trading practices. 

Whether you’re looking to refine your trading approach or build a foundation in market mechanics, this course provides valuable insights that can significantly enhance your trading efficacy and market understanding.