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Vishen Lakhiani Be Extraordinary


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Embark on a transformative journey with Vishen Lakhiani’s Be Extraordinary program, a meticulously designed course by the visionary founder of Mindvalley. This program is a masterclass in personal growth, offering a unique blend of profound insights and practical tools to unlock your limitless potential and guide you towards an extraordinary life. 

Through engaging modules, participants delve into the art of Consciousness Engineering, set life-altering goals with the 3 Most Important Questions, and embrace the power of bending Reality to create a fulfilling existence beyond conventional boundaries.

Consciousness Engineering

At the heart of the Be Extraordinary program lies Consciousness Engineering. This revolutionary framework is Vishen Lakhiani’s signature approach to personal development, focusing on rewiring beliefs, values, and habits to better align with your ultimate goals. Participants are equipped with strategies to dismantle limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of endless possibilities, setting the foundation for profound personal transformation.

3 Most Important Questions

The program introduces participants to the pivotal 3 Most Important Questions framework, a powerful exercise in clarity and intention-setting. This module empowers you to articulate and prioritize your most significant life goals, ensuring that every action and decision propels you towards your envisioned future. It’s a process that aligns your actions with your core values and sets a clear direction for your extraordinary journey.

Bending Reality

Bending Reality challenges participants to transcend traditional limitations and societal norms. Vishen Lakhiani guides you through adopting an impossible-is-nothing mindset, encouraging you to question and surpass the ordinary. This module is a call to explore the extraordinary, pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible and fostering a path of success, fulfilment, and happiness.

The 6-Phase Meditation

Integral to the program is the 6 Phase Meditation, a comprehensive meditation practice designed to enhance overall well-being. This guided meditation incorporates gratitude, forgiveness, future visualization, daily intention setting, and more, providing a holistic approach to mental and emotional health. It’s a practice that cultivates peace, resilience, and clarity, essential for anyone on the path to becoming extraordinary.

Experience Deep Transformation

Be Extraordinary is set apart by its experiential learning approach. Participants undergo profound personal transformation through immersive exercises, reflective practices, and real-life application of Lakhiani’s teachings. This experiential journey ensures the integration of learned principles into daily living, enabling real, lasting change.

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Participants are introduced to The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, a life principle that redefines the essence of success and fulfilment. This code challenges you to question societal conditioning and craft rules for an authentic, extraordinary life. It serves as your blueprint for breaking free from the ordinary and embracing a life of purpose.

Holistic Growth and Well-being

Distinguishing itself from conventional self-help offerings, the program addresses holistic growth, emphasizing mind, body, and spirit interconnectedness. Vishen Lakhiani provides tools and insights for achieving optimal health, emotional intelligence, and spiritual enlightenment, advocating a balanced life that nurtures all aspects of your being.


Vishen Lakhiani’s Be Extraordinary is a program and a journey to unlocking a life of limitless potential, purpose, and fulfilment. It is a comprehensive guide for anyone aspiring to transcend mediocrity and embrace an extraordinary existence. With its foundation in Consciousness Engineering, goal-setting frameworks, reality-bending concepts, and a holistic approach to well-being Be Extraordinary equips you with the knowledge and skills to design a life that exceeds your dreams.

Join Vishen Lakhiani on this remarkable journey and step into a world where the extraordinary is not the exception but the norm.