Zinkevich & Blagojevic – B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook


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Zinkevich & Blagojevic – B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook


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Revolutionize your approach to B2B marketing with the Zinkevich & Blagojevic – B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook, a comprehensive guide designed to propel business-to-business marketing strategies to unprecedented success. Crafted by seasoned experts in the field, this playbook is a treasure trove of insights, methods, and actionable steps tailored to navigate the complex landscape of B2B marketing.

Course Overview 

The B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook is meticulously structured to cover all facets of B2B marketing, from strategic planning to execution and optimization. Each module addresses specific challenges and opportunities within the B2B marketing sphere, offering a holistic approach to achieving growth and sustainability.

Module Highlights

Strategic Decision-Making: Learn to base your marketing decisions on data and strategic analysis rather than intuition, setting a solid foundation for growth-oriented marketing programs and market penetration strategies.

Profitable Segmentation and Channel Focus: Discover how to identify and focus on high-profit segments and channels, optimize your marketing efforts for efficiency and impact, and eliminate wasteful spending.

Executive Buy-In and Resource Allocation: Master the art of securing executive buy-in, ensuring alignment and commitment across marketing, sales, and development teams for harmonious and effective campaign execution.

Channel Optimization for Sustainable Growth: Delve into strategic channel selection and optimization, focusing your resources on channels that promise long-term growth and maximum return on investment.

Defining Success and Alignment: Align your marketing, sales, and executive teams around clear, measurable success metrics, fostering a unified approach towards achieving common business goals.

Building Effective Marketing Dashboards: Develop insightful marketing dashboards that provide leading performance indicators, enabling informed decision-making and strategic marketing planning.

Crafting a Unique Value Proposition: Create a compelling value proposition that distinguishes your offerings in the competitive B2B landscape, attracting and engaging your target audience effectively.

Client-Centric Marketing Plan: Construct a marketing plan centred around your client’s needs and preferences, enhancing brand awareness and generating demand within your target market segments.

Budgeting, Team Building, and Tool Selection: Equip yourself with the knowledge to accurately budget for your marketing initiatives, assemble a high-performing team, and select the right tools and resources to support your marketing efforts.

Ensuring ROI on a Tight Budget: Learn to achieve significant returns on investment, even with limited marketing budgets, by optimizing your marketing campaigns for efficiency and effectiveness.


The Zinkevich & Blagojevic – B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook is an indispensable resource for B2B marketers aiming to excel in their field. With its strategic insights, practical applications, and expert guidance, this playbook equips marketers with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive growth, efficiency, and sustainability in their B2B marketing efforts. 

Enrol now to embark on a journey of B2B marketing excellence, leveraging the playbook’s strategies to achieve remarkable success in the competitive business-to-business arena.